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Full sponsorship has now been acquired from Europe Performance Management LTD of Malta. Training begins 25/01/16 and will be provided for 1 year to step me ever close to my aim!

Big thanks from all supporters and Pledge Sport themselves, for which without I would not have the support I now have!


Hi there,

Thanks very much for clicking on my page.

I have the aim of sailing in the next Americas Cup, as one of the best grinders in the industry.

Simply put, grinders are the engine of the racing yacht, they power the winches via a pedestal. We work at 80% of our max heart rate for long periods of time, with spikes of over 90% when needed!

My immediate aim is firstly to become selected for a leading Grand Prix sailing team as soon as possible after leaving university. My ultimate aim is to become one of the winning team members for the Americas Cup, as a grinder. I believe that I can work on sailing and fitness skills to be chosen as a team member within two years.

Currently my campaign is all self funded, working two jobs whilst studying at university is tough. I am at a stage in my cycle of training to move into a more serious level.

I have the drive, the ambition and dedication to sustain training that of a professional athlete, however I am simply lacking a very small, yet vital part of the process, financial backing!

I have been told I have the ability to take it to the top, which is just the thing that is keeping me fighting!

I have just completed fitness testing at Southampton Solent university, where it showed my levels are high, but not high enough , the video below shows some training I also did with them.

I currently training 1-3 hours a day, rowing. The sport of rowing has so many mutually benefits to sailing, which is why I make it a large chunk of my training routine. With finacial backing I would be able to move into more sport specific training, working the areas more vital to my role onboard the boat.

Strength and conditioning, physio, nutrition are all areas which I need help with, these would be the areas the money you contribute would go to. A breakdown of my basic costings is seen below, making up the £4000 I need for 1 whole years of high intensity training!

Per Month –

  • £40 physio
  • £18 local gym membership
  • £50 nutritional supplements
  • £240 strength & conditioning training at Pinnicle Performance, one of the best trainers of marine based sports athletes in the UK.

Currently my sailing is local, with occasion regattas in Europe. With your support i can gain better reputation amongst professional teams all over the world. Any support is greatly appreciated and goes a long way

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