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Some photos from the competitions in France,

Age 46 – 10 years living with Multiple Sclerosis (2009- present)

This year, I have being selected to represent my country at the World Championship in disability climbing in France July 2019. Due to limited funds I am asking for your support.

Up until 2009 I was living a normal life when in May, I started to lose feeling and balance in the body and visual sight in my eyes.

A diagnosis for Multiple Sclerosis is not straight forward and you need a number of tests MRI and Spinal Tap to help confirm the diagnoses. After being admitted Hospital on a bank holiday I was released to go home as it was not life threatening. 5 days later and a number of appointments to the GP I was finally admitted to Hospital. After the tests it was confirmed I had Relapsing Remitting MS. Your body attacks itself and damages the coating around our nerves in your brain and spin, which courses things to either not work or creates a delay between the signal and the functioning that your body is trying to operate.

In 2016 my world fell apart when my health deteriorated and life as I knew it had to change, resulting in losing my career and ability to complete daily living tasks. I spent 4 months climbing out of depression literally and by September 2016 my family supported  me to enter my first ever disability climbing competition. Little did I know after my first competition I came away with a gold medal. This has lead me to be selected for this years GB Climbing Team to represent my country in the world championships July.

By supporting me you will enable me to attend the World Championships with the help of a carer. I am doing this before my condition gets worse – you never know when MS is going to get worse so this might be my only chance. The funds I am raising are for the following costs, travel, Accommodation, Transport, attend the events, physiotherapy and training meets abroad.

I  aspire to be the first person with MS to win a World Championships. Continue to build the climbing communication and raise awareness for the sport and bring all ages and disabilities to the climbing world.  I also specialises in disability coaching and want to be a coach in the future to the next generation of Paraclimber.

This is why I became an Inclusive Climbing Coach bringing climbing to all – working with all ages my youngest is 4 years to 65 years. I specialise in coaching people with conditions that including Blind, ADHD, Autism, Anxiety, Asperger’s, Depression, Learning Disabilities, Cerebral palsy etc. I work with all levels of ability from rope confidence to improving your climbing to climb a better grade.

….Lets get climbing together…..

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Competition Record 2016-present

Competition Record 2016-present 2018 – Limited Power, Range and Motion Class 2 GB National Champion 2017 - 3rd overall Limited Power, Range and Motion Class 2 in GB Nationals 2016 - 2nd overall Limited Power, Range and Motion Class 2 in GB Nationals Nationals – 9 medals in 10 comps over 3 years International Federation of Sports Climbing World Cup / World Championships Results Bronze Medallist IFSC Paraclimbing World Championships - Innsbruck (AUT) 2018 Silver Medallist Paraclimbing Cup (L) - Sheffield (GBR) 2017 Bronze Medallist Paraclimbing Cup (L) - Edinburgh (GBR) 2017

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