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My Name is Kieran Shirley and I am a Junior Master Bowman.

I have reached a level where progression on to the Archery GB squad is a real possibility and I have opened this archery funding campaign in the hope that you can help me do that.

Of course, you’ll have to learn a bit about me first and find out if I’m the archer you should back; if I’m the talent that deserves your support.

Fingers crossed x

About me


I am 16 years old and attend the 14-­16 Academy in St Helens. I started my archery beginner’s course in September 2012 and have never looked back.

I used to only shoot a couple of times a week, then I competed in my first tournament and met some amazing people, who helped to show me what was needed to get on in archery.

I have worked very hard over the last 2 years and have again achieved my Junior Master Bowman both in 2014/15.

I love archery and every spare time I have is spent on either shooting or conditioning or making sure my bow is up to scratch.

I have been part of the Northern Academy Training since October 2015, where I attend the academy at Bishop Burton College in Hull every weekend for further training with the Archery GB coaches.

I have grown since joining the academy and hope to learn more and more throughout my time at the academy.

I now shoot in as many tournaments as possible, but they are generally local as travelling too far isn’t an option. One day I would love to be able to shoot further afield.

Breakthrough moment

I shot in the Nationals for the first time last year I took the Bronze medal, broke the county record and northern county record for the round shot and also gained a personal best. I was overwhelmed with my result.

I was approached by an Archery GB coach. They’d been told by another talent spotter coach to have a look at me. She did, and now here I am trying to do everything she wants me to do.

I would love to be able to start the additional training each month, but funds don’t allow me to fulfil this.

The Future

I am hoping that, with the additional training I can receive through the academy, I will reach the relevant selection scores and be selected to represent GB in the Youth Olympic.

This will gain me the experience I need and will put me on the right track to eventually reach the standard to represent GB in the Olympics. I have been told that this can take up to 12 years of training and conditioning.

Where you come in

I have now been selected to be part of the Northern Academy, and my coach Kath Fitzpatrick says that she is very excited with the archers she has in the Northern Academy this year and can see a great future.

I have also been selected to shoot for Lancashire – this year against Cheshire the Lancashire team took the trophy of Cheshire after 7 long years and in this shoot I gained a Personal best and got first place individual too.

Although the coaching is free there is a cost for travelling and accommodation, which becomes costly, and I am hoping throughout the next year to attend the required shoots for selection scores too.

Again there is a huge cost for travel and accommodation with these, therefore I am looking for any support I can obtain to help me to attend these shoots.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story and I hope to hear from you soon.

Kieran Shirley

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Achievements Lancashire U16 Recurve Bristol 2 2014/15 Junior 1st Place Junior National Outdoor Championships 2014 10th Metric/10th Imperial Junior National Outdoor Championships 2015 9th Metric/3rd Imperial Junior National Indoor Championships 2015 8th place U16 Portsmouth round Lancashire VS Cheshire U16 1st Place Team 1st Place Junior Rankings 2013 30th out of 58 Junior Gent Recurve archers Junior Rankings 2014 25th out of 81 Junior Gent Recurve archers Indoor Portsmouth Round ranking 2nd place (1st year in competing) Junior Master Bowman award 2013/14/15 Combined FITA Indoor 1st place– breaking 3 Lancashire and Northern County records Archery GB Youth Festival 2015 ­ individual ranking rounds 17/30 through to the 1⁄4 finals Recurve cadet team ­ through to 1⁄4 finals I have also shot in quite a few tournaments around the north of England and have generally placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd place. I have gained 8/10 Junior Master Bowman scores this year, one of which was at a distance above my age group. I have also broke other Lancashire and Northern County records

National Rankings 2015

National Junior Rankings Under 18 - ranking 14th/50 National Junior Rankings Under 16 - Ranking 7th place

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