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Hi i am 10 years old and live with my mum.  I love playing tennis.  I have been playing tennis since I was 5 years old.  This last year has been  the start of what I hope to be the future of my tennis.  I have won County tournaments, dual County tournament,  Regional tournaments as well as representing my County.  I play tennis 4-5 times a week for about 10 hours in total.  At the weekends I travel around the country competing in tournaments, often needing to stay over the night before due to early tournament start times. . Mum  researches the cheapest places to stay  nearby – usually Airbnb, so that I can arrive at the tournament refreshed and not tired from a long drive that morning,

I started on full yellow ball in September 2018, ranking at over 1000th after my first tournament (there are currently over 3200 rankings for boys at this age level) .  Six months  later I am now 316th in Great Britain.   I still have another 18 Months at this level and I want to aim high, ranking within the top 100, which will mean hard work and lots of training and coaching.

I have been selected to attend weekly Regional training, which  is a massive achievement and  commitment.  I couldnt have achieved this level without my mum, she works hard to pay for my tennis, and juggles all of her time around ensuring I get to my training and tournaments.  My dream is to become a professional tennis player.  I dream about tennis every night , often playing doubles with Nadal or Federer!  Tennis is a really expensive sport, not just the coaching but also the racquets, re-stringing, clothing, entering and travelling to  tournaments.  I am now required to travel a total of 5 hours one day every week in order to attend the Regional  training,  as well as attending my County Training, local squads  and 1-1 coaching.  I feel very fortunate that my mum has supported my chosen sport this far, however with the additional training and travelling this is becoming more and more challenging financially.  Unfortunately so many children can’t afford to train in tennis, there is very little support or funding for children that are progressing in the sport.    I want to continue developing and progressing my tennis and who knows maybe in time I will reach my dream of becoming a professional.   But I need help,  I need financial support now to help me reach my potential.  I work hard and have a dream that I want to fulfil.

I hope you feel able to support me with as much or as little as you have.  Every penny can help me with the continued  coaching I need to develop even further.  Thank you. 


A big thank you to Nick Cockburn,  Nick Baxter and Gareth Saunders for supporting me.

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Winner of Regional LTA tournaments

Winner of County LTA tournaments

Representing my County in a County Cup

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