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Thank you so much for your interest in supporting British Beach Rugby 2018 (BBR2018).  The BBR 2018 team greatly appreciates any donations that will help them deliver a successful event this year.

We are fundraising to help us deliver the second British Beach Rugby Event which will take part on Saturday 23rd June 2018, Boscombe Beach Bournemouth, UK.

After playing Beach Rugby 5s on the European Beach Rugby circuit for 6 years we fell in love! The unique blend of sun, sea and rugby was undoubtedly a winning combination.

The key differentiators of Beach Rugby 5s:

• The sport: fast paced, 5 a side, full contact rugby, on sand
• The incredible events: a festival atmosphere whilst providing high quality competition
• The locations: such as Venice, Barcelona and Marseilles

Knowing there was a huge opportunity for UK representation on the circuit we utilised our passion for the sport and our great relationship with the governing body, the European Beach Rugby Association (EBRA), to obtain permission to bring the sport to the UK with the first event of it’s kind on UK soil. On the 17th June 2017 we launched British Beach Rugby!

The BBR team:

Kit Dobner, Tournament Director
Tom Wapshott, Tournament Director
Hannah Oakes, Commercial Director
Tiffany Nogueira, Ops & Logistics Director

European Beach Rugby Association (EBRA)

Due to increased popularity, the European Beach Rugby Association (EBRA) was set up in 2012 to regulate and support the sport as well as drive the development of competitive Beach Rugby 5s in Europe Website:

Our Aims British Beach Rugby 2018

  • Raise £20,000 to help us deliver the event including: event build, security, kit, referees, council rent,  food & drink concessions, merchandise & branding, Insurance and a closing ceremony that will get everyone talking like they did at London 2012!!

  • Launch the 2nd  Beach Rugby 5s Tournament in UK

  • Continue to promote a new format of rugby which is full contact, fast paced and fun

  • Celebrate and recognise the ‘Best of British’ brands on home sand

  • Promote local companies and amenities in Bournemouth, UK

  • Promote grass root sports and develop Beach Rugby in the UK

  • An event that promotes equality through sport

About us

Kit, Tom, Hannah and Tiffany have full time professional jobs and do this out of love for the sport, to have fun and get people active.  Last years event was hugely successful despite not having any funding.  Thankfully we had fantastic support from brands and companies that made it happen!!! This year we want the event to be even bigger and better and for that to happen we really need your help!

This is a non profit organisation and we strive to help our chosen charity BrainsTrust in everything that we do!

Follow our journey on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Links to our social media pages are at the top of this page.

What’s on offer

We have combined this fundraising campaign with prize draws so that your donations have the potential to win tickets to the best Rugby event of the year British Beach Rugby 2018!!. You can enter the prize draws by selecting the relevant option in the donations section.

You can also donate without entering any prize draw by selecting the “choose your own payment” option.

Thank you

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Brritish Beach Rugby 2017

✓ Successful launch of Beach Rugby 5s in the UK ✓ 11 men’s and women’s teams discovering Beach Rugby 5s for the first time with highly positive feedback and interest to attend future events ✓ Established relationship with local suppliers and businesses ✓ Representation from Bournemouth University men’s/women’s teams ✓ Established relationship with Bournemouth Council and Council events team ✓ Success for our sponsors, concession partners and charity partner ✓ Praise from the council, security team and sponsors for a safe and successful event ✓ Excellent feedback from the EBRA president who attended ✓ Tightly managed costs resulting in a modest loss for a brand-new event ✓ 2 “Event Management” interns from Bournemouth University

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