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Hi Everyone,

Thank you for taking the time to read my #SportStory.

I am a single mum hailing from South London and I stumbled upon weightlifting less than a year ago. It has been a crazy whirlwind ever since.

I came 2nd in my very first local competition; it happened again 6 weeks later and then I competed in two other competitions after that.

I have loved every minute of training and working with such a great team of men and women, girls and boys. It is a privilege to be trained by committed coaches who were great international and Olympic competitors themselves.

So what do I need your help for?

Prior to being a weightlifter I am a huge advocate for health and empowerment.  The sad thing I have discovered over the years is that there is not nearly enough support for athletes over the 25-year-old mark; or enough female individuals staying active during their teenage years and adulthood.

“I am 29 years old and was told I would not be a good weightlifter. I like to break the rules and follow my intuition.”

Many times I have been told that what I want is impossible. However I do not believe in the impossible. I have been invited to compete in my first international competition in May this year and I was so grateful to be was asked. However, as you can imagine, I need a little help to afford the trip.

I also qualified for the British Weightlifting Championships and I came home with a bronze medal at my first national competition last week by doing so.

So can you see why I will not quit?

Please help me and a team of young ladies aged 16+ from Crystal Palace Weightlifting Club go to major competitions in Austria in May 2015, and in Coventry in June 2015.

The remaining funds will be used to support my training, a coaching qualification, and accommodation at the British Weightlifting Championships on the weekend beginning June 27, 2015.

It is a big ask but my goal is to demonstrate that it doesn’t matter what age or circumstances you come from, we all have so much potential and a little support from everyone goes a very long way.

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Bronze at the British Weightlifting Championships

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