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Mujahid and Junayde are brothers from London who have been selected to be a part of the BCCMA British Traditional Wushu team. This means they will be able to compete in European competitions, starting with the March Competition in Budapest. This takes place the second week in March.

The boys have been training since they were young, and are very dedicated to their sport. Thanks to their Shifus they are excelling ( along with their team mates ) at Martial arts. They have a hectic training schedule and through this they remain focussed and level headed always keeping their dreams in view. They have dreamt of becoming official GB National Team and to represent their country at an international Championship level. They have successfully competed at British competitions and competitions in China as individual athletes.

With just a month to sort out flights, accommodation, competition fees we are trying to raise funds to help them achieve their dream of competing in a European Championships competition as a British Team Athlete. Any funds raised over their target will go towards making sure they can continue to compete at an international level, to keep up their training and up to date with any equipment or uniforms need etc for this.   Also to help other team mates to compete in competitions. We not only want to fulfil our dreams, but want to help our team mates fulfil theirs too. ( There are 11 people in the British team, 10 children and 1 adult ranging in age from 7 to  adult. we want everyone on our team to be able to attend the competition ) 

Beyond Budapest lies the chance of competing at some of the many international competitions that take place throughout Europe and Asia and many exciting opportunities awaiting them and their team mates in the future.


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Little Big Shots UK

Our Biggest Achievement to date was to be on Little Big Shots UK, as a team, Brothers demonstrating Wushu to a large audience. We love Wushu and want to raise the awareness of the sport, which is exciting to watch. Sadly outside of Asia it doesn't have much coverage, we are hoping we can help to change this through entering and performing at competitions and events worldwide. We also want to inspire children and youth like ourselves to take up sport, and to leap into the exciting world of Wushu.

ZhenZhou Kung Fu Festival Competition 2016

One of our achievements was to be able to compete as individual athletes in the Zhengzhou Championships that go alongside the Bi annual Kung Fu Festival. We were able to come home with 2 Gold, 2 Silver and 2 Bronze medals.

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