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Hi Everyone
For those who don’t yet know me, my name is Kevin and I live in Watford, Hertfordshire, where I run my own property renovation company.  Ive recently hit the age of 42 and decided that life was passing me by and I have become a bit stale and yearning for something else.

Back In 2012 I applied  for the press pack from The Clipper yacht race and Kept an eye on it ever since. It’s a an 11 month round the world yacht race for complete beginners to sail along side more experienced sailors and crew.
Apart from a passenger on a sailing holiday around Whitsunday islands in Australia over 20 years ago  and captaining my own lilo on various holidays, I have zero sailing experience to rely on.

Im choosing this adventure because it’s way, way out of my comfort zone, large ocean seas, rough stormy weather, giving up control to others are all aspects to which I’m alien to.Then use it to raise money for a great cause. As of a few weeks ago I’ve been to Clipper headquarters for my official interview and recently received confirmation and a contract to enter for the 2021-22 round the world race.
The race consists of 11, 70ft sailing yachts that compete in 8 legs of racing, circumnavigating  the globe across all oceans.
Ive currently signed up for legs 1,7 and 8, – Uk to South America, west coast of America to New York (through Panama Canal ) Then homecoming leg,  New York to Uk.
In Stats, that’s  16,500 miles sailed, and 70 odd days at sea.  Including 2 equator crossings.
Having committed to this life changing challenge, I will have 4weeks of training to complete and pass before they let us loose on the race.

So Im saving like crazy and working as hard as I can to pay for the training and these legs myself, but the dream would to be able to complete the whole race and become a member of the elite sailors who have circumnavigated.(fewer people have circumnavigated the world by boat than have scaled Everest). Also at certain points of the journey you are closer to the NASA space station than you are to land.
This is not a gin and tonic luxury cruise by any means, it will take everything I have to succeed and come home a circumnavigator. Race life is generally run in 4 hour shifts on deck 4hours sleeping.
With around 20 people onboard each yacht you end up hot bunking with your opposite number sleeping in the same bunk while you are in shift.
For 70% of the time the boat is listed at 45 degrees in racing mode, which makes cooking, cleaning eating and dressing very difficult and everything takes longer to achieve. There’s no aircon or heating so can be 45 degrees below deck in hot environments like the equator or freezing cold and soaking wet on the eastern Pacific from China.
Im lucky enough to have the support from amazing wife, family and friends and can not wait for it all to begin.. I’m already learning knots and watching plenty of sailing tutorials.

I will update here with pics of training and progress throughout this amazing journey.

So my aim on this page is to raise as much funds as I can so I can sail for as long as I can, which then gives me more sailing time and miles to raise money for my chosen charity.

If anyone knows of any businesses that might want want to get in in touch for main Sponsorship  etc then please let me know.
My main aim alongside this adventure is to raise money for The MS society charity while I’m on the race so the longer I’m racing and more legs I do the more money can be raised for such a great charity.. Some of you will know it’s close to my families heart this one with my sister in law Kelly dealing with MS amazingly well everyday.
Over the next 2 years I’ll be organising different fund raising events for you all to join in the fun with.

Those that would like to donate to the my MS Society page here’s the link.
So for now I just wanna say thanks for reading this, if there’s an adventurer and go getter inside of you somewhere and if theirs any life goals you wanna achieve I’ll be first to donate..

Please feel free to share the hell out of this page..

Thanks Kev

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