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Dagenham Dragons is a community-built Basketball club, based in Dagenham, London, and founded by former England rugby union international Jack Kendall.

It’s aim is to help people overcome addictions, mental abuse and, mental health problems through being part of a welcoming, successful sports club.

We also aims to keep people off the streets as much as we can and our ultimate goal is to build a high-profile professional senior team, so we can raise enough funds via the team’s games to share our vision and raise awareness about mental health.

With the funding from this campaign we hope to be able to buy a club minibus and ensure the well-being of our youths travelling to and from games.

The longer we keep bringing these people in the more lives will be saved. Maybe these people never knew that sport was for them as they never got a chance, let’s give them a chance.

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Charity donations

We have raised around £1,500 so far for local charities, and with our ambitious goal, we will continue to help more.

The World's Tallest Basketball Player

We recently had a visit from our American friends call the Lake Michigan Admirals who have signed the world's tallest basketball player, Big Bob Wegner. Big Bob was a huge part in helping us raise money for charities and to teach basketball to over 2,000 children in schools where basketball is not played

Ryan Wilson

Dagenham has been so lucky recently; we are unbeaten and on our way to reaching that goal of becoming the club we dreamed of. A big part of this is due to former NBA hopeful Ryan Wilson from the US joining the roster.

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