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In October 2017 Epping Forest District Swimming Club will be taking a group of 38 Swimmers away for a week of intense land, swim training and team building activities. Based on previous experience it is fully anticipated that this will not only improve their swimming skills and endurance, but also assist in building confidence, new friendships and fostering a strong team bond.

The venue is the BEST Centre, Mallorca. Run by former Olympic swimmers and regularly hosting Swim Camps at Club, National and International levels, this is a first class swim training facility and it represents a fantastic opportunity for our young swimmers.

The age range of these swimmers is 11-18, with the majority 12-14. They train up to 6 sessions per week throughout the year, in addition to Weekend Competitions. They are tremendously driven and dedicated young athletes.

We are actively planning fundraising events, and all proceeds from these along with this PledgeSports Campaign will greatly assist the Club in being able to offer this opportunity to our swimmers.

Thank You for any support that you are able to offer us.

If you wish to join or find out more about our club please visit our website 

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