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This is Ella, she is 14.

It was announced on Saturday 5th October that Ella has been selected by Team GB to compete double mini trampoline in the World Age Championships in Daytona Beach, Florida in November 2014. As Ella is under 18 she receives no funding from British Gymnastics, or anybody else and her parents have always self funded her training expenses, competition and travel. Ella’s parent’s are hardworking people who sacrifice holidays and socialising to help their daughter fulfil her dreams.

Ella started her gymnastics career at the age of 8, which is much later than most elite gymnasts. She started trampolining at the age of 12 and has progressed at a phenonmaenal rate during the past two years, being selected to compete against the best in the world. Ella trains six days a week and still manages to be successful in her studies.

The cost of going to the USA and competing for Team GB is in excess of £2000.00. This cost is set by British Gymnastics and includes, hotel, food, travel, training and the Team GB kit.

Any amount you can give, no matter how small, will help this outstanding athlete fulfil her dreams.


A huge thank you to all that have donated so far, we are blown away by everyone’s kindness and generosity. Massive shout out to Mr & Mrs Blythe, Keiran & Sian Davies, ManDick Tam and Cheryl & Kevin Parker for their unbelievable generosity! Also to Anne Blythe, Heather Thompson and an anonymous donor who have also been extremely kind – Ella will be writing you thank you letters after the competition.

Massive thank you to the first ten supporters who donated £10 or more:-

Danielle Clark, Sarah Aramayo, Lynne Nowell, Christine Lancaster, Michele Pattinson, Andrea Jones, Caroline Flynn, Annie Cowen, Elaine Jones & Zoe Carmichael.




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Bronze medalist - British Championships 2014

Ella recently won the bronze medal for double mini trampoline at the British Trampolining and Tumbling Championships. She competed with a sprained ankle and still managed to walk away in 3rd place. She is resilient and refuses gives up!

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