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Brennan Townshend

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I’m 25 years old and have been involved in endurance sport for the past 10years, from running initially to cycling and triathlon and now to Sky and Mountain running. Over the last two years I have been racing Skyraces in the UK and managed one trip to Norway last August. Skyrunning is an extreme version of trail running where you run and sometimes climb in the mountains over a course that could be anything from 25km-100km and include 2000-6500m of elevation.

I have landed on my feet in this sport working my way up through the ranks over the last two years, becoming UK Skyrunning Champion in 2018 and winning multple national races. I am on the edge of making a successful career from my running but to make the step to the next level I need to afford to race internationally, with a minimum of 4 races next year to get my name out there in the sport. I am three races in the golden trail series. The Mont Blanc Marathon, Sierre-Zinal and The Ring Of Steall Skyrace. I will also be racing the Matterhorn Ultracs Skyrace. The Goal is to make it to the final of the series in Nepal, October 2019. To enable me to compete in the races I need to cover my flights and accommodation.

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2018 Uk Skyrunning Champion

Winner Mourne Skyline MTR

Winner V3K Skyrace

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