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I am from the Caribbean . ever since I was a child I loved horses. I eventually got the opportunity to ride at the age of 21 with the mounted police in my country. I became qualified as much as they could do here and decided to pursue the equestrian artform as a career when the economy crashed in Trinidad. So I applied for training in the UK at Ingestre Stables where on a 6 month visitors visa I achieved the BHS Stage 2 qualification in 4 months a feat hat usually would take two years. Because I am on a visitors visa and the fact that there are no options available visa wise for training in equestrianism in the UK other than Talland (£20,000 a year tuition) I proceeded to consecutively travel back and forth on a visits visa an attained my Bhs stage 3 and coaching qualifications two years, sometimes being turned back at customs because of using a visitors visa many times. There is NO substantial opportunities for the people of my country to excel at equestrian olympic sport and if I were to be able to get to the point where I can qualify for the discipline at an olympic level my country would definitely sponsor me and it would mean the opening of a lot of doors for Caribbean people in the sport, however so far I’ve done this all on my own and on the financial strength of my savings.

This is why I am asking for help. I Have been accepted by talland for further education and their olympic rider preparation program but the cost of this is around £20,000.  I am desperately hoping that my kind peers and supporters of sport see merit in my goal and assist me  in whatever way they can.

fingers crossed and saddle ready

Kwesi Clement

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BHS Stage three Coach in Horsemanship

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