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Kayleigh Mackenzie

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Hi everyone, my name is Kayleigh Mackenzie and I’m a 23 year old, open level endurance rider from Devon.

Endurance riding is a fantastic sport; the best way to describe it is a marathon on horses. It ranges from 30km to 160km.

Since working for an international endurance ride whilst living in France I have wanted to compete in this sport. Unfortunately at the time I was fully committed to competing my mare in show jumping, but always said that one day I would.

After taking a step back from horses in my last year of school and university, I have only really started riding again over the past 2 years.

In April this year, whilst looking for a horse on loan, I stumbled across Poll, a little Bay pure-bred Arabian who was for sale not loan. Thankfully I made the very scary decision of buying him.

Since then we have been training hard and my little Poll has been so fantastic, taking everything in his stride and improving with every ride we do.

It had always been my dream from a young age to compete internationally and finally it’s within my grasp! After completing our first 64km earlier this month we are only a few rides away from my dream!

I work extremely hard and long hours, on top of the training; it takes to keep horse and rider this fit. All in hope to reach my end goal to compete for team GB.

To this date I have funded everything by myself, but the 2016 season will involve more travel to compete/train and  more equipment; which ends up being very expensive.

Sponsorship will help with entry fees, travel costs, specialist equipment and keeping Poll in tip top condition!

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