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My name is Elizabeth OGT Thompson, aka SOJ. I am surprised to see even on a website dedicated to sports, esports doesn’t get a listing. Cyberathletes are people too.

I grew up playing Mario Bros and mortal combat but where I’m from online gaming is non existent. Nigeria doesn’t have free WiFi hotspots and data is expensive so the zenith of kids in Nigeria’s gaming experience is playing fifa or Pepsi football games etc. offline.

I’d like to create an opportunity for kids in Nigeria to play games like fortnite, league of legends etc. at tournaments like Gamecom, Dota 2 or dreamhack.

Our planned esport leagues in Nigeria would have different tiers for different games eg. Different teams contests to top the fortnite league, Dota league etc. and the winning teams in each league will travel overseas to represent Nigeria at international tournaments.

We need your help as partners and sponsors to help bring esports to Nigeria to create these leagues. We have to rent a venue for workshops to introduce kids to esport and teach them how to play the game of they prefer.

We have to buy computers and pay for WiFi and a space for the workshop and for our players ie. by players I mean winners of the contests per game and become members of the Nigerian esport league.

We have to buy equipment for the workshop and players, pay for WiFi, prizes for the contests, salaries for players to pay their bills so they can focus on the game, travel to international contests to win prizes and sponsorship for the league etc.

This dream is one that belongs to a nation and I hope you’ll join us to make it a reality.

Thank you as you help us and GOD bless you.


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