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The ESS SWIM CAMP 2016 – SPECIAL ASSISTANCE FUNDRAISER – trying to make a financial difference for all members of the ESS family that hope to sign up to the ESS Swim Camp in October 2016.

In October 2015, 21 Enfield Swim Squad athletes took to Mallorca’s BEST centre for a week of tough training, team building and new friendships. The trip was a resounding success. For some, the week helped them make incredible progress in their swimming; for others, it pushed the boundaries of what they believed themselves capable of. For all, it became an invaluable opportunity to strengthen their ties with the ESS programme, to get to know members they would otherwise not have known, to be a part of the ESS team.

In 2016, Enfield Swim Squad intend on organising a similar Swim Camp, and are determined to make their 2016 Swim Camp financially accessible to as many of our members as possible. We understand the financial pressures of modern life, and appreciate the difficulties that come with funding such an excursion for one or more children. We hope to provide some assistance – even a small dose – to relieve that burden as best we can. ESS will be pursuing other fundraising opportunities through the year leading up to October 2016 to make this trip as affordable as possible.

ESS hope to raise as much money as we can, through contributions from members, businesses and affiliates. ESS will be pursuing other fundraising possibilities throughout the year to further reduce the cost. We ask you to make a donation if you can Рask friends and family, colleagues and businesses. Spread the word. Word of mouth. Social media. The more we have pledged, the greater financial relief we can bring to our most dedicated and committed athletes.

All that is made by the ESS SWIM CAMP 2016 – SPECIAL ASSISTANCE FUNDRAISER will be evenly distributed amongst the attending members to reduce the cost of the trip for each and every individual. This will be a special opportunity for many inspired young people; every penny raised by ESS will go towards making that opportunity a reality. Thank you for helping; thank you for being part of the ESS Team!

Together we can make a difference.

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