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Hello, our names are Toby and Jaidyn. and we are two Football (Soccer) loving kids from Australia.

We play it! We train to play it! We watch it! We LOVE it!!!

We discovered what an awesome game Football (Australians still call it Soccer) is when we were younger. Our Mum was looking for a sport to keep us busy on a weekend and she thought Rugby League was too rough a game to play so Soccer it was….Well! What can we say. We were HOOKED!


We have some very exciting news! Toby and Jaidyn recently participated in the trials with Euro Football Star and they have both been selected to be a part of the Elite Performance 2020 team.

What this means is Toby and Jaidyn will travel to the United Kingdom with their fellow teammates and play against some of the most renowned football academies. This is a significant chapter of any footballer’s journey, as Toby and Jaidyn can show them what skills and passion for the game they have on an International Level.

This tour will open up opportunities and exposure for Australian Footballers to experience the football scene in Europe and begin networking with clubs and academies to make a name for themselves. To make this trip possible we are looking for a sponsor to help fund the cost of their trip. And in return for sponsorship, we’re offering multiple advertising opportunities throughout the year and particularly during the trip.

Would you consider sponsoring Toby & Jaidyn and help us achieve the cost of $15,900?

hence why we have started a Pledge Sports page. for every $1 you donate, you help the boys move closer to the UK …km by km.

If you spend $1 that is 1km closer, if you spend $2 that is 2km closer, $10 that is 10km closer etc.  These boys are going from a drought stricken community trying to train and play in a dust bowl to the United Kingdom. How AMAZING!!!

You can contact us at to discuss further advertising opportunities available.

If you would like to see more of Toby and Jaidyn you can follow their Facebook & Instagram page:

We hope you’re able to contribute and we thank you for your consideration.


The Temple family xo





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