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Touch Rugby is a mixed, minimal-contact sport where six players compete to score on the opposition’s scoreline without being touched.  The passion for this dynamic and high-paced sport is what brought us together!  Now, we take the next step and want to put Sweden on the International Touch map and prove that it is on a par with its opponents.

And this is us: the first Swedish team to enter the senior Touch competition in the Mixed Open at the European Championships 2018 in Nottingham, UK:

Arthur, Christine, Ehsan, Hamish, Hanna, Isolde, Katie, Mathieu, Nils, Oscar, Oskar, Sandra, Sean, Youssef and our captain Jennie, as well as our coach Matt and team manager Wenjing.

Some of us are rugby players and tried Touch as an alternative, others discovered Touch and its welcoming and including community and then decided to go all in. Last year, in 2017, a junior team participated in the junior championships in Dublin and three of that team’s players (Nils, Oskar and Youssef) are excited to represent Sweden again this summer in Nottingham.

 Our initial fundraising target is 2500 €, which will support us greatly in covering tournament fees, kit costs, travel costs, accommodation and more.

 We are grateful for every amount!!

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