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Mission for active kids – fight against inactivity

11 – 11 – 11
” there is no inactive child, only lazy adults who doesn’t do anything against it”

11 countries

11 x 11 SUP pro KIDS full equipment

11 months


Dear Friends! Hello Sport Lover!

The children have become less and less active and it has become a global problem. Active behaviours are being replaced with more sedentary behaviours.
There may be many reasons for this, but the evolution of technology may be the biggest contributing factor. Technology has placed everything at our fingertips making pretty much everything available at the touch of a button. And as technology continues to change the way we live, children will continue to be impacted.

What do you think about this: Reset and restart of the children behavior – it is necessary? YES!

We talk about the nature, climate crisis,  warming of the earth, melting glaciers, plastic problem ….. but, what happens now with next generation?
The kids can’t hear it, they can’t understand it, they don’t notice it, they can’t do anything because they can’t see anything!
My project is against the inactivity of children.
Please, think about this as well:

Children CANCER !? – YES
Children DIABETES !? – YES
Children DEPRESSION ⁉️ – YES

…… is that not enough, to do something?
Is this what we want? …. or are we doing something against it?

We would like to change this, and we need your help. Thanks!    

But let’s see, what are the biggest problems, what have to change:

Problems from child ​inactivity = children mental and physical heath problems
Heart disease – Diabetes – Asthma – ​Obesity​ – ​Sleep disorders – Joint pain

Other consequences of excessive inactive behaviour:
Impaired social development – Mental health problems

Mens sana in corpore sano 

This is a Latin phrase, usually translated as “a healthy mind in a healthy body”. The phrase is widely used in sporting and educational contexts to express the theory that physical exercise is an important or essential part of mental and psychological well-being. ….. and it is true!

Benefits of sport for children
Some of the many benefits of sport participation for children include:

  • reduced risk of obesity
  • increased cardiovascular fitness
  • healthy growth of bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons
  • improved coordination and balance
  • a greater ability to physically relax and, therefore, avoid the complications of chronic muscular tension (such as headache or back ache)
  • improved sleep
  • mental health benefits, such as greater confidence
  • improved social skills
  • improved personal skills, including cooperation and leadership.

Reducing inactivity is effective in achieving overall increases in energy levels in young children.

Every Kid Stand Up! – this is our project, against the inactivity

Our mission is to provide sports equipment to locations where there is no financial opportunity to buy them.
By doing this, giving a huge mental and physical boost to local communities to do something for themselves and for the children of the community.
Stand up and do it!

The Every Child Stand Up project’s ambassadors are, the World Champion SUP athletes: Daniel & Bruno Hasulyo.

How should we use your donations:  Production – organization – transport – training – education

The cost included: board, paddle, leash, shipping, traveling, teaching of the trainer, teaching of the kids.

We want to deliver to the new community 11 x 11 ….. pro kids sup packages. There may be more, it is depends on your supports. 

The package includes: production – organization – transport – training – education

– We make pro kids equipment: high quality boards that are suitable for racing

– Carbon paddles to prevent children from being injured by heavy paddles

– We are looking for communities in need who are willing to do  for themselves

– We organize the delivery of boards and equipment

– We travel to every community

– We teach the local kids and their future teachers about SUP movement

– We will educate prospective SUP teachers there

We do everything in a transparent, documented way, and we show you all the steps.

Children charity project step by step:

My plan is that if we have the financial cover for the first 11 boards & paddles, we will start producing them.

At the same time, I’m starting to organize with the local government of the venue to receive the boards ….. etc.
Transportation, traveling to the site, teaching the trainers, ….. so we start up, the local sup life.

We will produce special children’s boards with Bruno Hasulyo helps.
So, the quality of the equipment will pretty high.
These boards & paddles will be suitable for later racing for the children.

Then, if we have the financial cover for the second 11 packs, we start again, we will find the second location.
…and so on.
We are waiting for your donation and your help to share this, that this project can be realized!

We believe in quality! 

We believe that only a good quality is an enough help. 

We work for this – we work together with you on this!

Thank you for your help, thanks your donations!

Thanks for the pictures: Sup Kids Makkum, Sup11 – City Tour, Bilbao WORLD SUP Challenge, Kerama Blue Cup in Zamami事務局, SUPBROz

Shocking studies on this subject:

2019. June:

2018. Dec:


  1. In the “first world”, for instance, poorer people are more at risk from physical inactivity and associated diseases such as heart problems, diabetes and certain cancers……

2012 Tendency:




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