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Hello and thank you for taking the time to look at my page!

I am raising money for coaching and competing in Tennis. All funds will be going towards the cost of coaching, travel expenses to tournaments, and the entry fee for tournaments.

I started Tennis when I was 3 years old. I was competing regularly from the age of 7, getting myself to national level and the top 50 in the UK by the age of 10. I was on to something really promising, thanks to my amazing friends, family and coaches at the time. When I started secondary school my family and I were looking into full time tennis at some of the top academies in the country. I gained local funding for a few months coaching which hugely benefited. When it comes to Tennis, every little helps! I was regularly winning regional and county tournaments. At 10 years old I was training 10 hours a week, plus fitness, before and after school.

Sadly my mum struck ill when I was 11 and she passed away 3 weeks before my 12th birthday. Nothing has ever been the same. My life was turned upside down by moving to the South where my family and I tried to find me a coach and facilities but funding and facilities are so limited in this area it seemed impossible. As a 12 year old grieving girl, all I wanted to do was put my racket down, and I lost hope. I then picked up a racket again at 15, playing at local club level, which was fun, but it wasn’t pushing me to be my best. Ever since I have been occasionally hitting and competing but nothing serious enough. And now I  feel ready to push myself to the limit. I have spent the last year focussing on my fitness and I now feel ready to incorporate the two to get me to a high level. I am 21, about to finish university and I would love nothing more than to give myself a gap year to see where I can get myself to. I know I have the ability, I have the confidence and drive that I have been missing for years, now is my time to get myself back to national level and see where I can get to. I will be working along side as a personal trainer, but as you can imagine, tennis is extremely expensive so my work wont be able to fund this.



A huge thank you to my friends and family who have given me the confidence I need to be able to chase my dreams.
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