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Josan Dumitritsa

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The Republic of Moldova is known for its pugilists and athletes, but not much about fencing athletes. Okay, they are not going to the Olympics, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t participate in the  international tournaments and doesn’t get commendable results.

Hi!!! My name is Sanda and this is my sister, her name is Josan Dumitritsa. At age 10, she managed to conquer the world.  Little Dumitritsa with a very great character and with incredible potential in sports, is obsessed with fencing (rapier).  It deals with fencing only 3 years and a half, but manages to enjoy serious results that make us enjoy it, offering a reason for pride
– In 2017, she won second (II) place at the European Championships held in Austria.
– In February of this year, she brought our third (III) pace from the European  Individual Championship held in Satu Mare, Romania.
– In April this year, Dumitritsa took first place at the Ukrainian Fencing Championship, the junior category held at Mykolayiv, as well as the 1st place at the Ukrainian Fencing Championship, which took place in Kiev.
There are new contests, new trips, new victories for Moldova.
All this will be possible if there is a person or organization that would take the Dumitrieta under the sponsorship wing.
Our family is looking for SPONSORS for a small champion, so asking for help! Helpful tips, or maybe you have a person or organisation that can and will help my sister to realise her dream – to become a world champion!
Thank you in advance of all!

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