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Rianne Woodham

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Take Rianne Woodham To Tennessee With Football Sponsorship

Hi, I am Rianne Woodham. I am 20 years old and striving to become a Professional Footballer, playing anywhere from right wing-back to midfield.

I am lucky enough to have been trained by some fantastic coaches and have played with some amazing team mates.

From August this year I will be attending Bryan College in Tennessee, USA, on a football scholarship and I believe this could be the start of a career in football for me.

Unfortunately I am not from a very wealthy family or area and my family can’t support my dreams financially. I have also been studying at university in the UK, and for anyone who is aware of student life in the UK, you can understand that students don’t have a lot of money!

I have been working virtually full-time on minimum wage alongside my studies in order to eat properly and train as much as I can.

My student loan has just covered my rent and bills, and my wages have been spent on decent food and travelling to and from football training sessions. This leaves me with very little to save for my journey and life in America.

Therefore I am hoping for you help to raise some funds for my flights and other bits of extra football training while I’m over there, including transport to and from team training sessions, so I won’t have to work so many hours and can focus on my training.

I am aiming to be playing professionally within 10 months. It is a short period of time, but with a thorough training program and support, like what I will get in Tennessee, I know I can fulfill my dreams.

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