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I am a Junior rider based in Scotland UK. My dream is to make it possible to qualify for my Gold Thistle Final nest year which will enable me to start competing with the FEI to start realising my further dreams of being able to ride for my Country.

So far me and my horse Ahan have easily competed up to 50KM at good speeds all over Scotland with SERC ( Scottish endurance riding club ).

Ahan’s heart rate recoveries are phenomenal, he is Son of the Legendary AL- Sood from proven Endurance Stock to International Level.

I believe Ahan and myself are a great team and the bond between us is excellent. I know there’s nothing stopping us make it, we know how far we like to ride and how fast we just need a chance to prove it!

So far because of my age I have been riding around tailing my year (2016) I am free to ride alone so no more following mum! I’ll have to read maps and markers all by myself, something else valuable to learn….excellent!

Living in Scotland has its advantages and disadvantages, alot of things are quite a distance to travel and takes alot of planning, time and money. On the good side Scotland has vast amounts of land to ride upon, Lovely people who are willing to put in time and teach you and nothing is ever to much to ask.

I was fortunate enough to grow up into a Equine Family, supported by my family and my other brothers and sisters, I am one of four children!

I have been doing Endurance for a little while now, I thoroughly enjoy it and thrive to compete the best i can, at every event we have to consider Entry Fees, Coralling/stabling costs .. whichever is cheaper and best for the time of year,  Fuel, accommodation costs, this is all on top of Training costs, Feed, health care, regular Inoculations.

We have ridden in glorious sunshine and slept in the back of my van in a field of snow all within 12 hours! ‘ thats Scotland’ !!

If i can raise enough funds, to enter all the necessary qualifying events next year I am well on my way to achieving my Dreams to ride for my nation then for my Country.

At every Event I go to, I aim to improve performance every time. Better speeds with better heart rate recoveries, better care for Ahan and to take him to the highest playing field I can.

Ideally International and my main aim is to Ride Ahan e Sia  representing my own nation and Country in 2016,  If you can donate anything I will be more than thankful..

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50km BTF with Serc Endurance

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