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We are an U18 cycling team, with riders between 16 and 18 years of age taken from all over the UK, from Aberdeen to Devon, Isle of Man to Grimsby. It’s the potential, not the location that we select.

We’ve been established for over 5 years and have placed many riders with world-tour teams following their time with us – Jamie Shaw is now with Lotto Soudal, Tom Pidcock has become World, European and National champion.

We attend, and regularly place at races in the UK and throughout Belgium, Holland and France, we are invited to races in Poland and Spain that other team can only dream of attending.

We are ranked amongst the most successful U18 teams in Europe, under the supervision of Directeur Sportif, former British Olympic cyclist Mark Barry.

But ……..Due to a corporate restructure our current sponsor, is unable to continue after a fantastic 4-year relationship with the team.

So, we’re raising money to fund the team for the 2018 season.

We already have the infrastructure in place – the turbos, the massage tables, the toolkits, the vehicles (!), so this funding will buy the bikes for the year, the kits, and pay for the travel costs of attending the top junior races in the area.

Show your support for the next generation of cyclists, be part of their transition into a professional athlete, and give them the guidance, support and leadership to win their races.

Say you were there, you did your part, be part of the team so when we stand on the podium, you are there with us.

When we win, you win!

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Team Palmares

2017 1st Equipe + KoM – Spokes Kingdom Classic – Scotland 3rd Equipe + Stage win - La Coupe du Président de la Ville de Grudziadz – Polska (behind Polish National teams!) Points + KoM – Vuelta Pamplona – España 2016 1st, 4th + 1st Equipe - La Philipe Gilbert – Belgique 1st, 6th + 1st Equipe – Vuelta Pamplona – España 2nd + 1st Equipe – Vuelta Basque – España 1st Equipe - La Coupe du Président de la Ville de Grudziadz – Polska 2nd Equipe - Internationale Niedersachsen-Rundfahrt der Junioren – Deutschland 2015 2nd + 2nd Equipe – Vuelta Basque – España 1st, 4th + 1st Equipe – La Signal de’Ecoves – France 2nd - La Coupe du Président de la Ville de Grudziadz – Polska 2014 1st - Kuurne Brussels Kuurne - Belgique 1st - Omloop Het Niewsblad – Belgique 9th Ronde Van Vlaanderen - Belgique

+The Project FAQ's

Where is the team based?

The riders are selected for their ability and potential, not geographical location. Previous riders have been from Aberdeen to Devon, Isle of man to Grimsby. We have small service courses in London and Leeds from where the team is managed.

Where do you race?

The riders compete in local races around their region, and as a team we race at UK, and European level events. Our 2017 calendar included: Spokes Kingdom Classic, National Road Race Championships, Tour of Wales - UK Kuurne Brussels Kuurne, Omloop Het Niewsblad, Ronde Van Vlaanderen an La Philipe Gilbert - Belgium La Coupe du Président de la Ville de Grudziadz - Poland Vuelta Basque , Vuelta Pamplona - Spain

Why do you need sponsorship?

Each year it costs in the region of £100,000 to run the team. Riders are provided with a race bike, a TT bike and a training bike. These are top of the rage frames, and groupsets fitted with SRM Power meters, a selection of 35 and 50mm rim wheels running the prestigious Continental Pro Ltd tyres (not available in the shops - only supplied to the Pro Teams!) TT bikes are fitted with 80mm front, and disk rear wheels. We work closely with our suppliers to obtain the best possible prices for bikes, parts and kit, so that we can keep our costs to a minimum. For 6 riders, we require: 15 road bikes (6 training, 6 race and 6 spare to replace those damaged throughout the season), 8 TT bikes (6 racing and 2 spare), Jerseys, bib shorts, skin suits, socks, arm / leg warmers & gloves, Helmets for road, and TT with spares Jackets, gilets, overshoes The team requires two vehicles - on estate car with 7 bike roof rack for the races and team van for transportation of bikes, equipment, washing machine / dryer, etc.

Isn't U18 racing just a load of kids?

Far from it. The U18 circuit is where the future champions are identified and honed. The National, European and World U18 champions are the winners of the future World Tour teams are constantly scouting the races and results, following the riders as they progress from first year (16 / 17) to second year (17 / 18), such that they may be taken into Development U23 teams, and then into the Pro-Peloton. Many of the riders by their second year are professional riders, this is their job, their passion, their chosen career. By being part of the team, we enable them to focus solely on cycling. Those without teams, or who only attend the races have to fit their training around part or full-time employment, limiting their ability to focus on training, and distracting them from the main goals.

Are my donations just going to pay for the staff?

No. The team manager, Directeur Sportif, Mechanics, Soigneurs and coaches all give their time to the team, around their full-time employment, often using their annual holiday entitlements to attend the races, working on team management in their spare time. Where specialist skills are required, staff are offered token remunerations as they travel, stay and eat with the team. We are here for the development of the riders, not for personal gratification or financial reward.

All cyclists are using drugs!

Really.........? We have strict anti-doping polices, testing procedures; the staff would be putting their professional careers on the line, and riders jeopardising their futures for potentially no gain. We set and lead by example - ALL staff are liable to be tested at any given time either by the team or the UCI. The peloton has moved on - so should you!

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