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Hello and thank you for visiting our page.

Our aim is to fund a dedicated curling rink in Wales, allowing the sport to continue the immense growth it has shown since being added to the Winter Olympics competitive roster at Nagano 1998.

In Wales alone, Curling’s growth has led to a rapid increase at the elite level, with top level curlers able to turn professional, and at club level too, where there is more of a fun element joining the competitive spirit.

In short, Welsh Curling is going places, but so is all Curling in the UK and our plan would help everyone, across the board, so please read on and give what you can to support Curling!

Curling in Wales

Curling has been played in Wales at Deeside Leisure Centre since 1974. It is the only place in Wales where curling can be played and practiced, and is 1 of only 2 venues in the UK outside of Scotland. However, we are limited to using it 1 night a week on skating ice.

Wales is currently ranked 27th in the Men’s standings and 35th in the Women’s.

These are 2 numbers which we want to improve, however, we are competing on an ever-expanding European stage, where other countries are improving quickly once given access to dedicated curling ice.

There are 2 leagues competed for in Wales and they include a wide variety of people playing in the same leagues, with men, women, junior, adult, and wheelchair curlers all able to compete against each other on a level playing field.

The Welsh Men’s Team are qualified for the B division of the European Curling Championships, which this year will take place in Glasgow in November. It provides  the opportunity for Wales to qualify for the World Curling Championships in Canada.

A Dedicated Curling Facility: The Benefits

  1. To make training and competing local; Wales is limited in it’s access to quality curling ice, this means that the Welsh National Curling teams are forced to travel to Scotland to train and compete at high level. A dedicated curling facility would change that.
  2. To stop curling being a one-night stand; A dedicated curling facility would allow curling to take place on more than just one night each week, increasing the availability of curling to all.
  3. To give curlers smooth surfaces; Curling needs to take place on a flat, smooth surface, any imperfections will lead to stones deviating from their intended path.  A dedicated facility would allow us to provide a better surface, improving the quality of ice in Wales.
  4. Visitors to the local area; We will host competitions on regular basis, attracting people from England, Scotland and further a field who will require accommodation and places to eat and drink, so we see a large benefit to local hotels, restaurants and bars.
  5. Disability and Youth Sport; Curling features in both the Paralympics and Youth Winter Olympic Games, further to this our leagues in Wales mix wheelchair, junior and adult curlers, allowing everyone to play on a level playing field. This means that Curling is one of the most inclusive sports available and can be enjoyed regardless of ability or age.

The Plan

In order to provide the level of curling facility that we need, we intend to build a 4 sheet facility in a temporary structure.

This would enable us to build up our member base, improve the quality of curling in Wales, and ultimately build Curling in Wales to a place where we can build a permanent structure.

We have been granted loans from the World Curling Association and have permission to use land on Deeside Leisure Centre’s site, which will enable us to build this temporary structure.

However, there are still some costs that we have been unable to cover and we need your help to bridge this gap.

Thank you

Thank you for taking the time to read our page. I really hope that you are able to support Curling in Wales, either by donating to our cause, or even by coming along to try curling for yourself!

Curling is a truly accessible sport, with very few barriers to entry; people can play each other and have an enjoyable game regardless of age, gender or ability.

In Wales there is a very inclusive membership, where new players play alongside experienced international competitors to gain experience and knowledge.

Your support will help make this sport even more accessible to the people of Wales and help improve Wales on the world curling – and sports – stage well into the future.

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