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Help GL12 Racing take on the big boys and get two-strokes back where they belong!

Most of you reading this will know me, or know of me. So you will know I have struggled with this because I am always too proud to ask for help.

It is pride, however, that has made my decision to ask for your help. Pride in the new Maxxis ACU British Two-Stroke Championship and its full crowds. Pride in the EMX300 Championship, and my part in its growth into a viable Gp support race. And pride in the riders I have put on its podiums: Lewis Gregory, Brad Anderson, Mike Kras and most recently the resurgent Jimmy Dunn.

The recent rule changes which allow two-strokes to compete on equal terms with four-strokes offer us a huge opportunity for the season ahead, and with a little help we’ll be able to build on the tremendous success we’ve already had. I don’t want to quit until Japan responds to the swelling tide of Pre-mix heading its way!

Who are GL12 Racing?

We are a two-strokes-only, British privateer motocross team. We rely on hard work and talent to compete with and beat the factory-backed big boys. Our story has been followed by DirtBikeRider Magazine, FreestyleXtreme Magazine, MX Vice and many more.

We have won our classes at Grand Prix and British Championship level – originally on Yamahas, now KTMs.

We have recently made history at the last Grand Prix of the 2017 season by winning a previously four-stroke dominated race on a two-stroke. When we won the race we had our engine stripped to make sure we weren’t cheating – we weren’t – we filmed the FIM doing it and 280,000 people watched it!


What do we want to do?

This winter we want to do to the world of indoor motocross what we have done to the outdoors: stand the established order on its head at the UK Arenacross. Tens of thousands of fans, freestyle MX, TV coverage and no two-strokes cannot be right. I look on it as missionary work.

Then we want to go back outdoors for the EMX250, EMX300, British Championship and Dutch Masters – carrying on the fight to prove to the doubters that two-stroke motocross bikes are a viable but cheaper alternative that can be be competitive at European level.

How can you help?

At the end of the day this is just another pitch for some support, there are hundreds I know, but we are a little different, we are successful, and we are changing the face of European Motocross.

I don’t however expect you just to give me your money and say crack on; I want you to be part of it to get a return on your money.

I have designed some sponsorship and support packages aimed at different budgets.

Please don’t feel you can’t just give what you like to help us push two-stroke racing back where it belongs! £1, £2, £5, anything.

Thank you for reading.

Bob Buchanan, GL12Racing

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EMX classes at MXGP

8 overall victories at Gps Talevera Spain 2014 Loket Czech Republic 2015 Lommel Belgium 2015 Talevera Spain 2016 Matterley Basin. England 2016 Lommel Belgium 2017 Frauenfield Switzerland 2017 Villars-sous-Ecout France 2017 21 Gp Podiums and 18 race wins

Maxxis ACU British Two Stroke Championship

2017 british two stroke championship had 8 races ,we won them all Mike Kras won 4 James Dunn won 4

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