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Ryan Seaton & Séafra Guilfoyle

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Who are we?

Ryan Seaton and Seafra Guilfoyle are Irelands newest 49er sailing team. Ryan is 28 years old, from Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland. Ryan, who is a 2X Olympian in the 49er class, has multiple world top 10 rankings. Ryan has been sailing form the age of 5, when he sailed around Ireland and Scotland in his dads old sailing folk boat. Ryan has been a sailing full time since 2009, this consists of training six days per week, with multiple sailing and fitness sessions.

Seafra Guyfolye is a 20 year old Irish Sailor from the Royal Cork Yacht club. Seafra started sailing form the age of 7, through the influence of his parents, it was not long before they noticed, that he had a natural talent for the sport of sailing. He achieved many national and international titles. In late 2014 Seafra had to pull out of the men’s single handed laser trial, for the 2016 Olympics, due to back injury. This injury lead to many frustrating times, however after two years of dedicated work on his nutrition and fitness, he has got back to racing.

Team Ryan & Seafra sailing is an ambitious team with a mix of youth talent and Olympic experience, which together aims to win Irelands first Olympic gold medal in sailing, in Tokyo 2020.

What we do?

Ryan & Seafra sail the men’s double handed high performance skiff, called the 49er. This is the fastest and most attractive boat in the Olympic program, with speeds up to 50Km/h. Ryan steers the boat, whilst Seafra controls the power of the sails. Together they have to make tactical and technical decisions, to win races at the highest level.

How can you help?

For us to get to the top level, we will train from Jan-April 2017 with other Olympic teams in Cadiz and Mallorca. We will access coaching from Olympic medal winning coaches, giving us key information to improve our performance. To do all of this we will need to raise €5,000. The breakdown of this cost is below.

By supporting Ryan and Seafra sailing, you will get us to our first international competition of the 2017 season, in Mallorca, Spain. This is a vital step towards achieving our Olympic dream, in Tokyo 2020.


Breaking down costs:

Entry Fee: €350

Flights: €1000

Accommodation: €2500

Ferries: €1500

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