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Hi, my name is Bryson Higginbotham and I’m an amateur golfer working my way to turning professional. I’m 18 years old, from Douglasville, GA, and have been a serious golfer for about four years.

I was introduced to golf by my uncle Allen when I was about 4 years old, but for the next 10 years I focused most of my energy on baseball. I became a very talented baseball player, but as high school approached I became more interested in playing golf and joined the school team.

Although the length of golf career is about half of that of my competitors, I have quite a few achievements:

  • Lowest scoring golfer 4 years in a row (AHS)
  • Jr. PGA sectional winner
  • Jr. PGA Sectional-3rd
  • GA Jr. golf tour-2nd
  • GA regionals-2nd
  • One of only two D.C. golfers to qualify for State Championship.

In order to focus solely on my golf career, and after many discussions with my family, I’ve decided to hold off on attending college.  This was not an easy decision, but I feel it is the right decision based on my plans to become a professional golfer.  Click HERE to read an article that best supports my decision and can provide a more detailed explanation for why I am asking for financial support.

Unfortunately, there are no scholarships and no funding options available for those who want to focus solely on a golf career.

Which leads me to why I’m reaching out for help. Since I am several years behind in terms of practice and experience, I hope to gain some ground by competing in at least 8 tournaments over the next two months.

These tournaments are part of a collegiate tour of golfers, aged 17 – 23 years old.  This is quite a step up from the junior golf tournaments I’ve played over the past 4 years.

I did recently compete in my first collegiate-level tournament where I finished 6th.  Although I was happy to place in the top ten, I still have a great deal of practice ahead of me, and I’m excited to begin this next phase toward my goal of turning pro.

Money is a serious struggle for me due to the demands of my practice schedule. My typical daily training begins at 8am with putting and short-game drills and continuing through the afternoon with driving drills and strengthening. This is often followed by working a part time job until late in the evening.

With the high cost of competing, I am currently limited to participating in local tournaments.  This, of course, limits me to playing against a smaller circle of competitors which limits my growth and potential success.  

My friends and family have been a massive support. It is only through a strong group of supporters that I have been able to compete in any tournaments. But there is only so much they can help.

At the end of the day, I am responsible for making sure that my expenses are covered, which means working more hours to cover the ever-growing costs.  This, of course, leaves less time to focus on my training and tournaments. 

Any support you can give will be used to offset travel costs around the southeast, modest accommodations, tournament fees, equipment, and pre-tournament course training.  The number of tournaments I play will be determined by the amount of support I receive.

Thank you for any help you can offer!


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+The Project FAQ's

How much are tournament fees?

Tournament fees vary, but my most recent have cost between $150 to $400 each. There are additional cost for practice rounds which also vary by course.

How much do you spend on travel cost?

Gas varies depending on current gas prices and tournament location. Hotel costs varies between $50 and $140, depending on the location of the tournament. I try to find the least expensive hotel in the safest area within 20-30 miles of the tournament location. It's best to get in at least one practice round on the tournament course, which means arriving a day earlier and having to pay for an additional round of golf. Food is typically fast food or moderately priced restaurants.

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