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My name is Antonio Saillant, CEO of Angel Light Communications, Dream Destinations LLC and The Saillant Company and I am dedicated to sustainable filmmaking. I am announcing that our film, Knights “58”, currently in development and scheduled for production in 2022/2023, in Old Tappan, New Jersey will be produced 100% sustainable.

Giving Back is important: “If Humanity Saves Nature, Nature Will Save Humanity.”

I express my vision and passion for creating energy efficiency in movies, television and sports. “[The motion picture industry is such a large user of electricity for its sound stage shooting and diesel fuel for its location filming [that it is a clear target for energy conservation.]”

“As one of the most outspoken ‘green’ professionals in New York City and Hollywood, I am proactive in the area of energy conservation and in helping the television, movie and the sports industry colleagues push their [green] initiatives forward…In the past decade, I’ve combined my knowledge of the energy business with the entertainment industry in hope of contributing to a green planet.”

Knights “58” is a movie about the 1979 Old Tappan football team which tells the tale of how a losing [team] began to [turn that streak around and] sow the first seeds of promise and pride in the school and surrounding towns. “The whole turning point of the Knights was, “[After a very long losing streak] they started being successful and then they won states in 1985, and the journey continues.

I wanted to do more than just tell a story. ”People always asked, “How does a film company go green?” Well, it is the wave of the future- and it is cost effective. That’s an incentive, and it is also just good common sense. Well, check out my story about “Knights 58,” which could turn out to be the first sports movie to be a Zero-Waste production.

Here’s the link:

We are looking to raise phase one of this project-  [Promotion] $150,000 towards the $15,000,000 movie project costs. This is a great opportunity for green business and business of sports to invest some of their sports sponsorship and advertising dollars on this type of film that can have a social and/or environmental purpose. Cinema and sports has always held a very important place in my life. I seek inspiration in film, theatre, music, art, sports- and in watching other filmmakers create a masterpiece from just an idea but for me, why not green? Inspiration means action.

** The Good News is, Since we are filming 100% of the film in the State of New Jersey our production, KNIGHTS58 qualifies for The New Jersey Film & Digital Media Tax Credit Program, which will provides a transferable credit against the corporation business tax and the gross income tax for certain expenses incurred for the production of certain films and digital media content in New Jersey. The goal of the program is to incentivize production companies to film and create digital media content in New Jersey. [30-35% TAX CREDIT, +2% DIVERSITY BONUS]

Check out the interview about the film, KNIGHTS58, in the website which also was printed in “The Record.”

Here is the link: Full Scoop: Q&A with Antonio Saillant

Embracing this opportunity can allow us to set a precedent to continue to produce high-quality productions with exacting standards while minimizing our impact on the environment.

See Article: Grinnell College

With your help and support we can make it happen. The next big thing in sports? Sustainability. Unity is the key solution for a better sustainable life.





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My vision and passion for creating energy efficient movies, television and sports.

I’ve combined my knowledge of the energy business with the entertainment industry in hope of contributing to a green planet.

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