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The participation of women in Olympic handball has been a constant presence within the Irish Olympic Handball Association.The recent availability of qualified volunteers and a change in the international youth competitions structure created an unprecedented good opportunity to start a development project specifically dedicated to women in Handball.

The development project 2019 is a nationwide project promoted by the Irish Olympic Handball Association that aims to have internationally competitive teams in the u19 and U17 age groups for the European Cup in 2019.

This represents the first step toward the Creation of a structure able to sustain consistently U17 and U19 teams with a two year cycle.

Moreover, at present there are only a few qualified and practising female handball referees and coaches in Ireland.  The purpose of increasing female referees and coaches is to provide opportunities for females to be represented in every aspect of handball in Ireland.

Training sessions with U17 and U15-13 players started in May 2016 by invitation among the players participating in school competitions.

This brought together players from Dublin, Kildare and Meath for an overall number of about 60 girls.

Training camps will continue with a monthly or fortnightly frequency. Participation to international camps and high profile tournaments is planned for twice a year.

The aim is to enlarge our recruitment base, give our players international experience and to recruit competitive athletes.

The WDP searches for financial support to cover our yearly costs that would reach  a total of about €10’000.

Training expenses fortnightly Training camps:  €4800

Materials such as Balls, bibs: €500

Game uniforms with sponsor logo printed  €1000

Training tops with sponsor logo printed  €500

Coaches travel expenses €1000

Fees, insurance, and travel expenses contribution €2000


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