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Tom Coward

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Hi there, thank you for taking the time to read my page! My name is Tom, I’m 16, born 31/07/02, from Wiltshure in the southwestbe UK. I’ve been playing tennis since I was 6 with my dad (javelin sportsperson) and friends. My interest for tennis sparked when my small primary school hosted their own annual tennis tournament called mini Wimbledon. I made it my goal to win and eventually I won. The feeling I got lasted and has stayed with me ever since and I’ve always aspired to continue my tennis ever since and continue to get this wonderful feeling when I win. This prompted me to join a couple of small clubs local to me of which I now compete in their division one teams.  My tennis journey has continued and has helped me to become a top  tennis junior training in Barcelona Spain with ex professional players and top coaches. Aspiring to win Wimbledon in the future!

My current goal is towards gaining an ATP men’s professional ranking of which only 3 18&U have in the UK and only 13 players 18&U worldwide.

Tennis had been an amazing thing in my life and helped me through some difficult moments of my childhood like my parents sudden divorce. It has also helped me develop as a person and improve my social skills. It has also allowed me to tackle my weight of which used to be a problem for me. However the greatest thing tennis has offered me is the strong bond between me and my younger brother Joe ( seen in some of the pictures with me). It has allowed us to get really close and form such a strong relationship that I don’t think would be as strong if it wasn’t for tennis.

This journey has lead to me aiming to compete at junior Wimbledon 2020. However additional funding is needed to make my dream a reality as my family can no longer fund my ever growing expenses as I’ve progressed so fast considering my age and the finances are really limiting my tennis at the moment. The support would be used to help cover coaching costs, travel to international tournaments, and cost to break through in professional ATP futures events.

Thanks again for reading my page and i hope you consider helping me achieve my goals for the future!


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