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Hello everyone,


Firstly, Thank you for taking the time to read my page, to know there are people out there willing to support me does mean a lot, athletics at times can be a lonely sport and knowing people do believe in you can really make a difference.

My name is Jamie Grose, i am 24 years old and i run for Poole and Bournemouth AC. I love running and especially racing and my dream is to make the British Championships on the 24th August 2019 by raising up to £500. I run the 3000m steeplechase and in the top 30 in the UK and am looking to progress within the steeplechase, as I’ve only been doing it seriously in the last two years. I am rapidly progressing within the event and am currently number 4 in the UK in the 2000m steeplechase. I am also south west champion over the 2000m steeplechase and have competed at England u23 championships at 1500 and the mile distance.

I believe the funding i would receive would help me with the cost of running clothing and travel costs for the bigger competitions. I am also looking to compete abroad at some point, so this would really help and benefit my running career and to see how far i can go in the future. The aim this year is to make the British Championships and with this i would love to inspire the younger generation.

As i said earlier the sport can be really tough, I’ve never received any funding but have always trained hard and give 100% effort into everything i do. Away from running i am busy as i also work full time as a child carer for children who have received neglect and trauma in the past and i am doing a open university degree in Health and social care.

Any funding would be greatly received and i will keep you all in touch with my progress by sharing videos, photos and results of my progress with your help.

Finally if you can please get in contact me via my twitter, facebook or by email and have any questions i will make sure i respond ASAP!


Many thanks and kind regards

Jamie Grose.

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8th in the English Championships 3000m steeplechase on my first year of the event!

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