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I was born with left hip dysplasia & had 2 major operations as a child to help correct & hospitalised for a year. All was fine until I reached 50 & I was told I needed another operation. I have been in acute pain for over 12 months, trying to get a hip resurfacing operation on the NHS rather than a total hip replacement. I am now 51 and too young for a hip replacement which will mean I probably won’t get full mobility back, I would have to avoid some sports with a higher risk of falling & in my mid sixties, I’d probably need another hip replacement & it gets harder to do each time. A hip resurfacing operation is perfect for someone of my age, who is active .
It’s a postcode lottery and my PCT won’t fund a hip resurfacing at £13,100 as a hip replacement is cheaper but in my mind, butchers the hip – I am too young for that.
I have always been ‘sporty’ which has been good for movement in the hip & up until 50, never had any problems. I have run 3 marathons, numerous ultra marathons, including the Marathon des Sables, Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc and Centurion 100 mile South Downs Way. I have also completed 7 Ironman races, 3 marathon swims, cycled from Lands End to John O’Groats & completed numerous cycle sportives, including the Haute Route Pyrenees.
Sport has kept me sane & it’s part of who I am. If I have to have a hip replacement, I can only return to swimming. I know I am still lucky to have that as an option but I want to be able to run and cycle & a hip resurfacing operation will give me a new lease of life & allow that.
So I am appealing to the running, swimming and cycling community to help me raise money to fund this privately – which is my only option. I have been through appeal processes & paying for the operation when the NHS is under such strain is the only option. I have £3,000 so if you can help donate towards the remaining £10,000 it will change my prognosis for the future

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Marathon des Sables runner

I completed this race in 2012

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