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25 girls. Different age groups and backgrounds. Basketball as a common passion. One shared dream.

Last year, after a break of several years, we came together to revive the team – the previous generations of which have seen the glory of victories in the past – and to write a new page in its history.

More than a year of hard and challenging practices have passed, and the time has come for us to go through the first probation – our first international tournament in Geneva, in March 2016.


We are the only sports club for young women from various backgrounds in our local community, and 100% of our members are students/graduates of state schools. After a break of several years, the team has been completely rejuvenated: aged 11-30, we’re striving to have our own say and are making the first steps towards new victories.

We are aiming to get our first international trophy in March 2016 and to prove that our girls can overcome all the barriers with all their strength, dedication and resilience. To set new goals and help each other to achieve them. To believe in ourselves and become even more united. To be a TEAM.

If you want to learn more about us – check our team video below and do not hesitate to contact us for more information.


It is not easy for us to achieve our goals without your help, so we created this campaign to help us pay for tournaments, equipment, gear, transportation and accommodations. Not only are we a dedicated team with ambitious goals but we play our hearts out day in and day out. Our passion is not just winning but also standing up for what we believe in and with the right team anything can be overcome.

As it is our first international tournament, the funds raised will be spent on ordering the kits for the team, to cover court hire fees and to get new equipment for more efficient and increased levels of preparation. In addition, part of the grant money will be allocated to team registration, as well as travel and accommodation expenses.

Moreover, we encourage girls from different backgrounds to join our team, and as a real sporting family, we always support each other (e.g. by arranging free transportation for all members who live far from the court to make their late night journeys home after training safer). Therefore, with the grant money we will be able to support those team members who will require additional financial support to cover expenses related to the trip.


  • By supporting us you help us to promote an active and healthy lifestyle and support us to engage more girls in sporting activities and building strength.
  • By supporting us you help us as an ethnic minority community in London to promote diversity as we encourage girls from various backgrounds to get involved with our team activities and share our dedication and hard work culture.
  • By supporting us you help us to promote team spirit as well as shape leadership skills in our members.  We cater for players who have played some basketball in the past, but also make it accessible for those trying the sport for the first time.
  • By supporting us you help us to build a  future generation of strong and committed females. To shape our common future.
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Homenetmen London Women’s Basketball team was formed in 2001, and since its formation, the club has gained a solid reputation. Previous generations of our team accomplished great things, such as winning prestigious Pan-Armenian European Tournaments for several consecutive years in a row. Now, our mission is to encourage young girls and women to lead an active lifestyle and to overcome barriers to achieve their goals, despite all possible judgement. With our girls being active both on the court and in the community – we aim to inspire more females to `move and prove’ that everything is possible with the right amount of hard work and dedication.

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