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I’m a triple Olympian looking to return to the sport I love.

February 2017 sees the unofficial age group World Championships for 2man Bobsleigh being held in Austria and I’d love to be there.

I’m looking for help with travel and accommodation as well as the fun stuff of renting a sled  (We can talk about buying something cutting edge, but conversations with numbers like €60 000 rarely end well! Yes that’s what a top sled sells for!) and runners (the ‘iceskates’ that the sled runs on, they can make or break your race chances!)

Although born in England and living in London, I competed for New Zealand in Bobsleigh Having driven a bobsleigh for 20 years, I’m excited about the prospect of this race as I have offered to act as Brakeman for Double Irish Olympian Bobsleigh pilot Peter Donohoe (He’s going to need support with funding too if you’d like to help more!) I haven’t raced as a brakeman for 30 years, but it makes sense as Pete beat me by ONE place at the 2002 Winter Olympics games so is the best choice to be driver.  (It’s OK, I’m not bitter!! Totally over it, Completely, over it, HONEST!!)

I’d  like to say that this is a stepping stone to a return to Open International Competition perhaps even another IBSF World Championships, and that’s not outside the realms of possibility, but the first step is to get back on ice, then to sprint (downhill, flat out, on a slippery slope!) THEN we can talk about what next!

Thanks for your support.

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Winter Olympics Games 1998, 2002, 2006

Happily I got to compete in 3 consecutive Winter Olympics Games and 2 World Championships. To put it in perspective, I ATTEMPTED to qualify for 5 Olympics! Who knew qualifying for the Olympics would be tough!

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