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My name is William Clarke. I have been selected to compete at the International Powerlifting World Championships 2017 in Minsk,Belarus, to represent Ireland. To be selected and to represent your country on the IPF World stage is the biggest achievement within Powerlifting. I won’t bore you with a story other than it is costly and financially taxing to compete and travel with Team Ireland.  I need your support to make this opportunity possible.

The International Powerlifting Federation

The IPF is the most prestigious drug tested powerlifting federation. It has recently received IOC recognition and hopes to be a part of Olympic games within the next few years. The IPF is the only powerlifting federation to ever receive IOC recognition. I am honoured to be given the opportunity to represent my country in the IPF World Championships, competing against the best drug tested powerlifters in the world.

Irish Powerlifting: 

Powerlifting in Ireland is becoming increasingly popular. The Irish Powerlifting (IPF) federation was re-established in Ireland 2 years ago. Since then, its number of members have increased from 30 to over 400. Because the IPF is only newly established within Ireland,  it receives no government funding. All competition costs are self-funded or from the generous help of friends and family. For this reason, I kindly ask for any donation you can spare to allow me to represent Team Ireland. I have worked extremely hard to achieve such an honour and would greatly appreciate you helping me make this journey possible.

Breakdown of Cost:
The World Championships are being held in Minsk over the course of 11 days.
Flights: average €400-500
Accommodation: €50-75 per night
Transport: Approx €50
 In total, it will cost roughly €950, excluding food. I pledge €650 in total to help cover the costs. The money will go directly towards flights and accommodation.
In advance, I would like to thank you for making it possible for me to represent my country at the highest level in Powerlifting.
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