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In Dragon Boating physical strength, extreme fitness, technical supremacy and mental endurance is the name of the game. We are a group of 20+ women that have those attributes running through our veins.

We will need it, as the races we will be entering are run over 200m, 500m and 2,000m distances during which we will be propelling the boat at speeds 4 meters per second.

We need exceptional strength to carry the combined weight of our 22 woman crew, drum, steering oar and a boat weighing 250kg.

All the while battling the elements, currents and the wake of other boats.  Our  dedicated squad is made up of ex provincial rugby players, marathon runners, karate champions, endurance athletes, competitive rowers and dedicated sportswomen from all backgrounds with one thing in common – the will to fight and the will to win.

Our times in training are posing a credible threat to current European and World champions who include the Spain, France, Italy, USA, Canadian, Australian and German national teams.

Having worked extensively with the clubs in Ireland since 2010, a goal of the Irish Dragon Boat Association was to reach a point whereby we had a pool of technically skilled, highly athletic, ULTRA competitive, committed paddlers from which we could build an Irish National Team.

It was imperative that this team were in a position whereby they could pose a very serious and credible challenge to the more established international teams.

We have reached that goal and since July 2015 we have commenced our grueling training and selection camps as part of our strategy to attend the European Dragon Boat Championships in Rome in July 2016, followed by the World Championships in China in 2017.

Team Make Up

 Our 25 strong Team, will be made up of the following:

  •  20 Paddlers
  •  1 Helm
  •  1 Drummer
  •  1 Team Manager
  •  1 Coach
  •  1 Physiotherapist

Team Coach: Mick Doyle

An Irishman, Mick splits his time between Ireland and the UK where he started dragon boating back in 1991 and has over 24 years’ experience in the sport.

Mick’s Dragon Boat coaching career began with his UK club, the Batchworth Dragons who he coached for 10 years. In addition to his local club work, Mick raced for Great Britain in Dragon Boating from 1995 to 2009 inclusive in both the Premier Open  and Premier Mixed Teams where he won World Champion Gold Medalist in Premier Open in 1999 in Nottingham, England (500m). World Champion Silver Medalist in 1999 in Premier Mixed (500m) & 2007 Premier Open (1000m) in Sydney, Australia.

As a coach to the Great Britain Premier Open Team for 7 years (2003 – 2009), Mick achieved silver and two bronze medals at the World Championships in Sydney, Australia in 2007.

Mick has also represented Great Britain in Marathon Kayak.

We have the coach, we have the team, we have the dedication and we will win.

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