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Have you ever wondered why you don’t see Irish professional tennis players regularly on tv?  

Have you ever wondered if we have some of the best golfers in the world why we don’t tennis players?

Surely if we have talented athletes that can make it in other sports we can do it in tennis?


Yes, we do have talented tennis players in Ireland and evidence that we can produce junior players that make it to top international junior ranking. However, simply, we don’t have the high-performance programs to develop enough junior players to grand slam level or the necessary support to help them to perform in the pro game. These kinds of specific training programs cost significant amounts money. Like top golfers that excelled, we must invest properly in players to provide them with coaching expertise and the international touring programs necessary. Despite the strong economy, currently, adequate funding is not available in Ireland to provide systematic programs to develop professional tennis players. Less developed economies have a significantly greater investment in performance tennis. As a direct consequence of this lack of investment,  Irish tennis players do not have the necessary financial support to achieve their dreams. Prodigy tennis wants to change this !! 

Prodigy was established in 2019 and now provides performance training programs for high-performance level tennis players. We have gathered an experienced coaching team, we have recently invested in a training centre, resurfaced our courts and started delivering training programs to some of Ireland’s best talents.  Our mission is to provide professional training and travel programs for young talented tennis players. To help us achieve this mission, we are looking for sponsors to get involved in this project and leave a legacy in Irish tennis. Be part of this exciting project by helping us to put Irish players on centre court, create role models for the next generation and change the performance culture of tennis in Ireland.

The Prodigy Team

Garry Cahill – Founder 

Garry Cahill is a leader in performance tennis coaching. He has worked with the majority of Irish pro players including, Conor Niland, Sam Barry, Amy Bowtell etc. He is currently coaching Vitalia Diatchenko who is now in the top 100 WTA. He is also coaching and advising Simon Carr who is making strides to the ATP 100.  He captained successful campaigns as Irish Davis Cup Captain from 2001-2005 and Irish Federation Captain from 1997-2001.

(Garry has the unique experience of working with numerous athletes from the early stages of development to junior grand slam level and from junior grand slam to pro Grand Slam level.)  Think most people know this so might cut it to keep it shorter

He is also has acted as a consultant to many tennis federations as well as a guest speaker in performance coaching.  Garry also holds a Dip in Leadership, Dip in Executive Coaching, and is currently completing an MSc in Business Management.


Lazo was a head coach at Tennis Ireland for the past four years. He commenced working with the National Academy in 2011. Originally from Georgia, he held an ITF Juniors ranking of 36 and held an ATP ranking of 837 aged 18.  Lazo has worked with Ireland’s leading male and female players, as well as international athletes on both the WTA and ATP tour.



Rob comes from Neath in Wales and through his junior years, he held the no1 national ranking and attained top 10 GB junior ranking representing GB students in the Czech Republic.   Rob been an accredited Tennis Ireland level 3 coach since 2011. 

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