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Tony Mangan

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If you can dream it. You can do it!
In October 2010 I set out from my native Dublin to run around the world! Four years and 50,000 kilometres/ 31,000 miles later I ran across the finish line in Merrion Square North.
In doing so, my lap of the world became the longest run ever. In all, I ran across 41 countries, 5 continents and six deserts. I wore out 50 pairs of running shoes. I had many physical and logistical challenges, including climatic extremes of dehydration in Mexico, -30C in the USA. Raging storms in Patagonia where I was running at almost a standstill and across the Australian outback in a record time.
To keep running over a marathon a day it was also necessary for me to find ways to motivate myself. My shattered body and ‘ concrete legs’ constantly screamed for me to quit this seemingly crazy challenge. Back in Ireland my mother was diagnosed with bladder cancer. My dream had become hers, she wouldn’t let me stop. Would she live for the finish? My world run was a battle between body and mind. Trying to find sufficient food, shelter and even the time to recover for the next day were other challenges. I ran mostly with just a small three kilogram backpack. Sometimes even at altitudes of almost 5,000 meters in the Andes mountains in the winter.

On the run, I encountered and befriended countless people and often stayed in their homes. They told me their remarkable stories. I experienced life in remote villages where many people had never seen a foreign person before. Much of this I blogged on my website
I have written two books titled. ” The Irishman who ran around the world –  Part 1 – All of the Americas.” The second book will be titled. ” The Irishman who ran around the world – Part 2 –  Oceania, Asia and Europe.”  It will follow shortly after part 1.
However, I need to fund raise to cover the cost of editing, book design and other related expenses. Currently I am in China on another expedition…  I am walking around the world with a cancer awareness message: Life is precious. Early cancer screening saves lives. Please see I sincerely thank you for your support, If there is any excess funding available it will be put towards writing further books about my world walk and hopefully the odd shower in a hotel!
Every bit helps!

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