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Hello everyone,

My name is Laura Brackley and for those of you who do not know me I am 33 years old and live on the beautiful Isle of Wight. I have set up this campaign to raise money for my place on the Isle of Wight – Island Games team and here is my story…

I am now a keen and competitive runner but this hasn’t always been the case…

Having only previously run to keep weight off and keep fit, I started taking running more seriously at the start of 2011 when I had the crazy idea of signing up for the Paris Marathon with my partner, George, and my brother, Ben. It was during training for this that I met my coach, Geoff, and was asked to compete at something called the ‘Island Games’.

The Island Games

The Island Games is an event that takes place every 2 years, over 7 days and involves 24 islands, over 3,000 athletes, 14 sports and has been likened to a mini-Olympics. It provides the opportunity for Island sports men/women to experience international competition alongside and against some of the very best in their sport.

In 2011 it was held on the Isle of Wight and I was asked to represent in both the half marathon and 5,000 metres. Despite being terrified, having never properly competed in running since school sports days (the Paris Marathon didn’t count as I was only running it for me), I accepted and am so pleased I did. It was a truly wonderful experience.

I continued training with my coach and in 2015 was asked to compete in the half marathon at the Island Games in Jersey. This was the first time I experienced an ‘away’ Island Games and realised how important support and sponsorship is in order for our most talented and strongest athletes to be able to compete.

My Pledge

The Island Games 2017 takes place in Gotland, Sweden, and I am thrilled to have accepted my place on the half marathon team. To have competed once was an honour in itself, but to be asked to compete in my third games is a real privilege. Having finished 4th in Jersey I am even more determined to finish on the podium this time and make the Isle of Wight proud.

Unlike some of the Islands in The Games, the Isle of Wight does not have a corporate or government sponsor and receive no public funding. The cost for each individual athlete to compete in Gotland is £1,050 and this money will have to be mostly self-funded. This cost is to supply each athlete with the team uniform, and will go towards travel and accommodation.

I have agreed and accepted my place on the Island Games team and with that the monetary cost. However, I have been asked by a few family and friends how they can support and sponsor me, which has led me to create this campaign. Therefore, should you wish to show your support for me in this way then any sponsorship would be really, truly and gratefully received.

My Promise To You

I will continue to undertake hours and hours of training, whether it’s sunny, raining, hot, cold, dark, or light. I will train every day, 7 days a week with the help of my coach and although it won’t be easy and sometimes work/life will get in the way, I will always give 100% and do what I can to stay healthy and injury free. Knowing people believe in me will brighten up the hard days and will give me the strength to push me out of my comfort zone, and all that closer to the podium!

Thank you for taking the time to read my page, to know there are people out there willing to support me does mean a lot.

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