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Big Thinker, Visionary, Revolutionary, Athlete and, dare I say it… Canoeist are but a few words that have been used to describe Jonny Jones. Read on to find out more about Jonny’s story and his ambitions of  frankly earth-shaking passion and prowess on the international stage.

Jones for Gold

Jonny is 20 years old and has been sprint canoeing competitively for over half of that time. From the very beginning he has trained under the same coach and out of an unassuming village-based canoe club in Worcestershire where high-tech facilities are replaced with unparalleled toughness and hard graft. The “Rocky” of the canoeing world, if you will! Jonny is now a student at The University of Birmingham where he studies mechanical engineering and trains on the truly inviting Worcester-Birmingham canal and trains under the supervision of the high-achieving sports staff the University but still works closely with his home club in Worcestershire.  As a result of his commitment to those who invested in him from the beginning and his desire to progress academically, financial support from UK Sport and British Canoeing has become less atainable.

In 2015, at his first Senior World Cup, equipped only with a borrowed boat and near-antiquated paddle, he made the C1 500m A final. Since then he has gone on to win British titles in C2 1000m and, while only 19, competed for a place at the Rio Olympics, while in the thick of his first year Mechanical Engineering Exams. Despite that, they came away tantalising 3 places short of Rio 2016 qualification (post doping disqualifications within the field), a sobering achievement and one which confirmed his potential to reach the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. A result that Jonny could likely only have dreamt of year ago. He says:

“The success from the past two years has taught me that it is possible for me to hold fast to my principles and stay under the guidance of the five-times-olympian Coach who has voluntarily committed to helping me reach my potential rather than cutting ties and settling for an academically-suppressed albeit more financially-comfortable existence by pursuing a more formal ‘pathway’. Through my successes I intend to continue to inspire and help younger members of my canoe club and those around me not only by my passion for the sport but more broadly through my dedication to a cause as I am under no illusion that my situation is not one of high privilege.”

(excuse the needless use for double negatives, Jonny has always been an illiterate oaf but makes up for it with his unparalleled witticisms, charm and his extremely efficient J-stroke)

There are however inevitable limitations to Jonny’s renegade-like stance which he seeks to make the best of and allow it to give rise to more exciting possibilities in the endeavour to gain support from people who can relate to and get behind his story and goals to together create some special results! One such limitation is his inability to transport not only himself but also his 17-foot-long canoe across the country to train and compete, resulting in painful compromise and unaffordable loss of time. Running a car comes with an unattainable price tag for somebody relying purely on a Student Finance maintenance loan! Therefore currently he is seeking funds to finance automobile in order to get him not only on the finely maintained roads of Great Britain but also to that yellow brick road to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games!

Some  Updates and House-Keeping Tips

Thank you for all the help and support so far (Check out the “Thanks” tab further down).

While financial support opens a lot of doors and is hugely helpful to Jonny, its a big deal to reach into ones own pocket (what with todays economic climate!) and this page is as much about telling a story, and engaging this fine athlete with his wider community therefore:

  1. Watch this space for updates on funding /achievement/training/race progress
  2. Follow Jonny’s social media streams (insta  @_jonny_jones, FB /jonnyjonescanoeing) or even make him an offer he can’t refuse by email at
  3. And if you fancy it, give this page a cheeky like and share and lets get the party started!
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Olympic Hopes 2013, Czech Republic - C1 1000m, 6th

World Cup 1 2015, Portugal - C1 500m, 9th

Under 23 World Championships 2015, Portugal - C2 1000m, 16th

Under 23 European Championships 2015, Romania - C2 1000m, 11th

British Olympic Selection Trials 2016, UK - C2 1000m, 1st

European Second Round Olympic Qualifying 2016, Germany - C2 1000m 6th (5th inc. Doping)

Senior European Championships 2016, Russia - C1 5000m, 11th

Senior European Championships 2016, Russia - C2 1000m, 13th

+Thank Yous and Updates

Winter Training

The season's truly invigurating competition has come to end and winter training has begun for Jonny. The process of "Getting the miles in" or as its more fondly known as in Fladbarian circles "Collecting kilometres" is well underway. Jonny covers an estimated 120km per week on the leafy, putrid but all round amicable Worcester-Birmingham canal alone alongside numerous and gruelling running, WattBike and gym sessions. Time to Crack on, mate.

Thank You Chaps!

Passing masses of thank yous, gracias, mercis and cheers mates onto the Supporters, Sponsors and encouragers for making this season the glorious season it so definitely became. With thanks to: -------------------------------------------- Pulsin' and Beyond - Hey Dude Shoes - Polaroid Eyewear - Viva Athletic - Wychavon Leisure - TASS (Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme - CG5 - Johanna Brown Memorial Trust - ---------------------------------------------------- And of course the invaluable, steadfast and unyielding support from training partners, friends, club members and coaches and indeed Andy Train, the man who put Fladbury Paddle Club on the map, started and nurtured the journey of many a successful international athlete and first told Jonny "I reckon you might actually be alright at canoeing, you know."

+The Project FAQ's

How did you get into Canoeing?

I live in a village comprised of fields, sheep, old people, a river and a world class canoe club. I did "Bell Boating" (Look it up and went to an after school session for more racer-oriented persuits back in my 3rd year of school when I was 7 or 8 and the rest was history.

Where are you based currently?

I live in Selly Oak in Birmingham and am in my second year of study at the University of Birmingham.

What do you study?

Mechanical Engineering, fun times!

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