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Hello! My name is Kylie Bilchev. I am a 12-year old aspiring professional tennis player. I come from Ipswich and train in Culford with my coach Andrew Richardson under the program of Jamie Yates. Culford is one of the few junior player high-performance training centres in the UK.

I started playing tennis at the age of 6 when local coaches came to our school to look for talent. When I went to my first competition at the age of 7, I didn’t quite know the rules yet. Shortly after I went to my second competition and surprised both my parents and myself by actually winning it! And this is how I fell in love with tennis. I played at local clubs (Kesgrave Tennis, David Lloyds Ipswich and Ipswich sports club).

At the age of 8 I was already competing and winning regional tournaments and at the age of 9 I won my first National Tour final. In the following years I won two more national finals and several national tour competitions.

This year I was selected to represent Great Britain internationally in both Winter Cup and Summer Nations Challenge Cup where I won 14 out of 16 matches. In addition, I won 2 Tennis Europe tournaments and was a finalist in another two. I was awarded AEGON Junior Player of the month for July 2015.

I love playing tennis and most of all I love winning. Somebody has said that when you win, you win for everybody, when you lose, you lose for yourself. It is the hardest thing to lose on your own and in this respect tennis can be a very lonely game. My goal, however, is to win grand slams and reach number 1 in women tennis.

This all sounds very well, however, this is a journey, on which every step of every day matters. I work very hard. When not competing I train 6 days a week – I have individuals, paired sessions, match plays, squads, strength and conditioning, and stretching, spread across the morning, afternoon and evening. In between I go to school. I compete in at least 2 tournaments every month and to climb and be at the top, I must compete with the top players. That’s why my goal in junior tennis is to play at the world top events for my age group. Just getting accepted into such events is not a straightforward thing. A set number of selected players will go straight into the main draw. A much bigger number of players will play for days to qualify for the main draw, while in some competitions an even larger list of players won’t even get to the qualifications.

For 12U, there are probably 3 events equivalent to a junior grand slam: Auray in France, Eddie Herr in Florida and Orange Bowl in Miami, USA. I was a finalist in Auray and now have my heart set on the remaining two tournaments coming up in December.

I’ve never left Europe before and this is a big deal, and a big expense. Which is why your help will make a real difference.


Thanks for your support. God bless you!

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UK National Finals U12 Winner

I have won both the Winter and Summer National Finals for my age group (U12)

Represented team GB at both the Winter Cup and Nations Challenge Cup

Played seed No. 2 and seed No 1 respectively. Won all but one matches in both competitions.

Tennis Europe U12 multiple winner and finalist

I have won two TE tournaments and was a finalist in two more.

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Thank you from Kylie

Thank you so much for your support. Your help is invaluable and much appreciated!

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