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All money raised will go towards paying some of the remaining college tution fees for Queens University of Charlotte in North Carolinia, Untied states. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity that combines an excellent degree program with a world class triathlon squad, that has an emphaisis on development to elite level after college. It is a chance for me to be part of a solid training group and have like minded, world class athletes around me as currently, all my training is done alone. All the money I recieve will allow me to accept my place in the university and begin the journey that will open up the future as an elite athlete, while also training me as a Biochemist in the medical world.


I’m currently live in Dublin, Ireland. I am seventeen years old and I am in my final year of high school. I would describe myself as a very resilient and hard working guy, and someone who is relentless in pursuit their goals. I entered the sport of triathlon at the age of 11, encouraged by my dad and my swim coach. I was one of the best cross country runners and distance freestylers in the country at my age group however my potential shone brighter in the sport of triathlon. It was a slight change for me but one I’m very happy I made. Since entering the sport all those years ago, I am now one of the top junior triathletes in Ireland and a member of the national high performance team. I am the youngest athlete ever to gain a spot on the national team, being just thirteen years old at the time.

For me, there has been a lot of challenges I’ve had to overcome in my sport. Be it osgood schalters disease in my knees that prevented me running for two years or the many sports psychology sessions that helped me overcome lack of self believe at race time.  However, all of these experiences have only made me stronger and a better athlete as a result. They have engrained the ideaology in me that giving up is never an option.

In the past,  I have shown great self displine and motivation. Everyday, it is up to me to wake up and train. There is no other athletes or coaches around me to train with. I’m doing it by myself. Tempting as it may seem from time to time, I never allow myself to take the easier option in training where there is nobody there to push me on. That drive and ambition is one of my strongest characteristics.My family has always given me the best support they can. However, I’ve always been at a disadvantage when it came to finding funding. For example, I’ve missed out on many training camps and races abroad because the money simply wasn’t there to send me. It is heartbreaking to be good enough and able to mix it up with the best out there but be prevented from doing so because of my family’s current financial situation. For me, this opportunity in the Untied states, is something I am desperate not to let slip by like others previous.

Current Position:

Currently, I am a memeber of the Irish national junior triathlon team and I compete as a junior elite in races all around Europe. My main goal for 2016 is to compete in the World Junior triathlon champiosnhips in Cozumel, Mexico. I am in my senior year of high school and starting August next year, I hope to be enrolled in college. Every training session I do is on my own. I train everyday, 2-3 times a day, and it may be swimming,cycling, running or strength work-depending on the day. It is my responsibility to make sure that every training session is done as planned and correctly. As I’ve said, I never take the easier option of finishing early or leaving out a repeat.

This 20 plus hours of training each week is balanced with being a full time leaving certifcate student and normal school pupil. This can be hard sometimes and time management is a skill I’ve had to learn very well. School and training is my normal day most weeks I have been accepted to Queens Universtiy of charlotte for fall 2016. Here, I can combine my studies with developing into a world class athlete. It is the only college in the world with this kind of setup in place.

All of this comes at a difficult time for my family and I. My parent’s have recentally closed their business due to lack of customers. So, the money in the house is limitied. Many opportunities have pasted me by in the past because of lack of funding and even now, my training equipment,such as bikes and clothing is not suitable for an athlete of my needs and abilties. This is another reason the program in Charlotte is appealing. It give me access to the best equipment and facilties and puts in on the same level as my competitors. Equipment is not everything but at my level, my competitor’s have an advantage.

Closing messege:

Without this funding, I cannot accept my place in a university that I have worked very hard to get. There is nowhere else in the world with this type of setup, that mixes a world class education with a world class triathlon team. My current environment is very challenging. I am on my own a lot and this program is about finally finding a location where I’m not so isolated and where their is a team around me. With the right team, I can be a much greater athlete than I currently am. I thank you for reading and I hope you can help me. I need your help so that I am not forced to say goodbye to a once in a lifetime opportunity once more.




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