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Hello my name is Tyler Hames.

I am 12 years old and have been participating in karate from the age of 6. My current training exceeds 12 hours most weeks reaching 20 hours plus of training leading up to a competition.

At the age of 8 I became more serious in my training and was given the opportunity to begin training with members of the Wadokai England Squad.

My parents have always been supportive and have travelled across the UK and Europe with me where I have been successful and have won over 30 medals including 7 Gold, 3 Silver and 3 Bronze medals for England in the last 3 years.

I have been fortunate to be coached and trained by some of the best coaches including a number of former world champions and also Sensei Peter May who has been closely involved as my mentor from the beginning.

I train with Hei Jo Shin Wadokai karate club in Wigston, Leicester City a branch of the Aiwakai karate Federation.

On occasions I have competed and came away without podium position. This encouraged me to train and practice even harder.

Now on reaching the age of 12 I have recently been invited to take part in training with the EKF national squad with the anticipation of being selected at the minimum age of 14 for the English national squad.

My intentions and aims are to be selected year on year for England and eventually compete in the next world championships.  Further goals are to teach others and pass on my experiences and skills.

During the month of February 2016 I will be going for my grading for a JFK (Japanese Karate Federation) 1st Dan black belt. (as of 28-02-2016 I have now passed my JKF 1st Dan & I am now waiting for it to be registered in Japan & will receive pass certificate soon),  As soon as the governing bodies allow I will then be taking a coaching qualification.

After being invited by the England squad I am currently trying to raise funds in order to compete in the Seguira cup in Japan on the 20th March 2016. The cost of this year’s training and competitions will exceed £5000 including traveling, training, accommodation and fees, karate is a self funded sport that project funding will give a huge help towards the costs of further education of this great sport.

This project funding will go towards traveling, accommodation and training fees, if the target is exceeded the money will also be put towards training camps and essential equipment.

My target is to raise £1,000 however in order for me to achieve my overall 2016 goal I will be spending upwards of £5,000 so please email me at if you feel you can provide additional support.

Thank you for your time in reading my page, I will be very grateful for your support to help me towards achieving my goals.
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F E W European champion 2013

F E W 40th European championships Lisbon - Portugal 2013 x 1 gold & x 1 Bronze

F E W European Champion 2014 in 3 categories

F E W 41st European championships Reading – UK 2014 x 3 Gold & x 1 Bronze

All Wado Swedish champion 2014

All Wado championships Stockholm – Sweden 2014 x 1 Gold & x 1 Silver

F E W European champion in 2015 2 categories

F E W 42nd European Championships Budapest – Hungary 2015 X 2 Gold, X 2 Silver & x 1 Bronze

J K F - 1st Dan Black belt pass

28-02-2016 gained Japanese Karate Federation ( JKF ) black belt 1st Dan after training for over half my life & months of dedicated training, sacrifices and hard work had to be done to achieve this prestigious JKF grade in my Karate career.

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