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Online casinos or sports betting — what’s more attractive to gambling people

The online gaming market is on the rise. Casino games and sports betting are the two major forms of gambling now. Some enjoy easy to play slots, others make bets on sporting events based on complex strategies. The random nature of gambling adds excitement too.


Although both activities imply wagering real money, there are some specific features that make them different. In order to understand what type of gambling is better for you, let’s consider them in detail.

Difference between betting and casino gambling

Online betting and casino gambling are pretty similar notions except for some tiny distinctions.


Sports betting focuses on predicting the results of a sports event and making a wager on the outcome. A gambler can leverage their knowledge, research on the event specifics, make an analysis of the previous game’s results, and work out a strategy. Bettors have a clearer understanding of what might happen because they can identify the factors that influence the outcome of the game.


When wagering on horse races, for instance, you would consider the past performance and achievements of the horses, their trainers, and jockeys. You can go further in your research and study the horse’s behavior and preferences. Some horses perform better during obstacle races, for example. So, knowing the race track conditions is essential to assess the performance of horses. The more information you are armed with, the more accurate the prediction will be. This applies to all sports games — be it football or boxing.


Casino gambling involves betting on the outcome of a game where the results can’t be predicted. A punter wagers a certain amount of money with the hope to gain more. In other words, casino gambling totally depends on the user’s luck. Neither skill nor experience can help to predict the outcome. This is true for most casino games except for poker and blackjack. Playing games like slot machines or roulette, you can’t know for sure which number will come up next. This is because of the Random Number Generator technology.


Sports betting is tied to scheduled games, events, and matches. You can make a bet before the game starts or while the team is playing. In fact, betting isn’t available around the clock. Let’s take football as an example. There is a certain number of matches in the Premier League that should be played. Therefore, punters also bet on games in less popular leagues. Online betting provides access to dozens of games across various sports. The choice is wide, but you should be familiar with the specifics of certain sports to make a bet.


Online casinos, on the other hand, are always available from your PC, tablet or smartphone. Casino games are not subject to schedules or circumstances, so players can wager on their favorite games at any time.


The way of calculating the chances of winning in casinos and sports betting is based on different approaches.


The odds in betting are determined by the probability of a certain outcome occurring. Bookmakers set the odds taking into consideration statistics, expert opinions, previous winnings, and other components, which can impact the outcome. Betting platforms also charge a percentage rate for their operations called a vig. So, you pay more than the actual sum of wagering.


Casinos also have some profit from the player’s wager — it is called a house edge. The casino advantage is an inherent component of every game: slots, lotteries, table games. It isn’t set by the casino site itself. No matter where you choose to play, the casino advantage is unavoidable. Casino games also have an RTP — return to player. It shows the average percentage of money that the game pays over time, and which games are more profitable.

Games variety

Online betting covers numerous sports. They include football, tennis, boxing, golf, cricket, horse racing, and any professional sport listed by a bookmaker. Take into account the number of national and international leagues out there, and you will have lots of betting options to enjoy. The list of sports can also vary across countries and regions. For example, sumo wrestling is a Japanese popular sport for betting, while hurling is a traditional Irish sport that local gamblers love to wager on.


Online casino wagering covers a lot of games for different types of punters as well. Usually, in a casino portfolio, you will find various types of slot games (3-reel and 5-reel variations with or without progressive jackpot), blackjack, roulette, baccarat, keno, and more. The game rules are easy to learn so you can start playing in a matter of minutes. Poker is the only casino game that combines skill and luck.

The bottom line

The main reason why users bet on sports is that it makes the sport more engaging and interesting. If you are a sports fan you can simply leverage your knowledge to win money. However, sports betting can also be unpredictable. This is the essential element that attracts gamblers.


For other players, online casinos are a more preferable way of gambling. Generally, you don’t need to deal with other players and take the activity as pure entertainment. This is a favorite pastime for millions of people globally as it allows them to enjoy the gameplay and test their luck. The unpredictability of games adds excitement to the gambling experience. This feature makes players return to online casino again and again.

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