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Hello everyone!

Meet Iulian and Aoibhin – 2 little talented Latin and Ballroom dancers from Dublin.  They’re both 9 years old and are dance couple for 3 years.  Since 6 dancing has represented an important area of their lives. The enormous work they and their teacher have done, is hugely impressive as at the moment they are champions in Ireland at the Latin dance in their age category.  From last year Iulian and Aoibhin started representing Ireland at different competitions abroad.  Of course they need to do some lessons with different champions from Europe and Russia; this lessons are very valuable for them.

This year they participated in Blackpool where out of 50 couples they came 3rd in both Ballroom and Latin; and in Denmark where they were placing 3rd in the Juvenile Open 10 Dance at the Copenhagen Open.  At the last competition in Ireland, The Athletes Cup 2018, they came 1st in the 5 Dance Open Latin Championship and 2nd in the 5 Dance Open Ballroom Championship.

The next big international competition is the WDSF Junior Dance Festival in Slovenia, on the 4th of May and an other important one is the German Open Championships 2018 in the beginning of August.  This event lasts for  5 days where we, the parents of this kids, need to cover all the expenses for them and for us ( the flights, accommodation, the transfers, the entry fees, the hair, food etc).  We also need to buy new shoes and new clothes from time to time because they grow fast and have to look great especially for international competitions.  As I said earlier, we need private lessons with international champions, and all of this is expensive and often we can not cover all expenses.

They just love dancing and their dream is to become world champions; we want them to be happy and we do everything we can for this.  We will be very grateful for any support to help these young dreamers reach the highest level in dance and become world champions. They represent Ireland with pride every time they go abroad!   Thank you so much for reading our story and being interested in this project.  Feel free to share with your friends and colleagues.

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The Athletic Cup 2018 april, Ireland

1st place in the 5 Dance Open Latin Championship and 2nd in the 5 Dance Open Ballroom Championship and 1st in 3 dance Open ballroom and 1st in 3 dance Open Latin

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