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Martha Evans

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My name is Martha and I’m training for this year’s international paraclimbing competitions.

Due to paraclimbing still being such a small and rather unknown sport, funding for such events is difficult. I’ve set up this campaign to hopefully get a little help with covering the costs of travel and accommodation – any amount, whether it be big or small, is appreciated!

Last year I was lucky enough to be selected climb for the GB Team and attended the Paraclimbing World Masters and World Championships where I achieved third place at both events. I hope to be able to attend this year’s events to match or even better my performance from last year.


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What is Paraclimbing?

Paraclimbing is an internationally-recognised sport that was created for people with disabilities and impairments to climb and compete parallel to able-bodied climbers. There are a range of categories that paraclimbing is split into which include: Visually Impaired (B1-3), Lower Limb Amputee (AL1/2), Upper Limb Amputee (AU1/2) and Impaired Range, Power and Stability (RP1-3). These are further split into 'levels of impairment' where 1 classifies the more severe of that category and 3 classifies the less severe.

What makes me a paraclimber?

When I was 13 I was diagnosed with scoliosis, which is an abnormal lateral curvature of the spine. In 2016 I had my curve corrected using titanium rods and screws. This fused my vertebrae together forming almost a leg bone, meaning that I have lost to ability to twist and bend that part of my spine. This places me in RP3.

What events are taking place in 2020?

So far we have one event confirmed by the IFSC (International Federation for Sport Climbing) - a World Cup, held in Innsbruck, Austria. We hope to have more events confirmed, such as Paraclimbing Masters, held in Imst, Austria and also another World Cup.

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