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My name is Minola Slavenschi, and I am a 13 year old tennis player, from Surrey in the UK.
I am currrently training at Tennis Avenue Academy (also known as TA), and I also attend school there, combined with tennis.
I train 5 days a week, which includes: fitness, mental fitness, tennis and hapkido (martial arts).
Tennis is a very tough sport, but I am willing to do anything to reach my dream, of becoming the best tennis player in the world. I know that in order to succeed, I need to work very hard, on court, and also off court.
I am very happy to be training at Tennis Avenue Academy. The coaches there are very supportive. They teach us, not only tennis, but also, how to be more disciplined in life. They all have, amazing personalities and, we all have a lot of fun together, on and off court. I am very thankful to them, for helping me, achieve my dream, and for being there for me in ups and downs.
I started playing tennis, when I was 10 years old, in a small country named Moldova. Many people have told me, that I started playing tennis at a very late age, but reaching my goal is a risk, that I am willing to take. I started off by playing tennis, 2 times a week, and by the time I was 11 years old, I started a more intense training programe.

I fell in love with tennis, from the very moment, I took the tennis racket in my hand, and stepped on the tennis court. By the end of the year 2016, being ranked 3rd in Moldova in girls 14U, being aged only 12, me and my family, decided that it would be better for me, and for my tennis, if we moved to the UK.
2016 has been by far, an amazing year for me, I played a lot of tournaments, and have won 5 of them. In December 2016, I was invited to play my first Ten Pro Tournament in Spain, at the Rafa Nadal Tennis Academy. I was very happy, and also proud to get to the quarterfinal of the tournament, beating 3 amazing spanish players, all in very close 3 set matches.
The start of 2017 has been so far, very good, I have been in varoius LTA Grade 3 finals. I have also gotten to the semifinals of “The Surrey County Championships” 16U girls singles,  aged only 13, the youngest player in the category, and I am a finalist in the 16U girls doubles. I have been to Prague, Czech Republic, and won the 14U girls singles, and was a finalist in the 14U girls doubles. I have also played 2 international Tennis Europe Tournaments this year.

My present Tennis Europe Ranking is 545, a ranking which I am willing to improve, by summer 2018.

In order for me to reach my goal of getting into the top 100, I need to travel to various tournaments, all over Europe, and I need your help to raise funds, to do that.
I am a very hard worker, and willing to do anything, to reach my goals.
So please, if you may contribute, in any way, whether it is small, or big, it would make a massive difference, for my tennis career.
Thank you,

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