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My Story-  Marnie Wills born an Aussie but adopted London 10 and half years ago.  Why…because I love Sport all SPORT and being here in the UK I have been able to play some top quality sport with awesome people and travel all over the world.

Wow 10.5 years ago…where does time go and how am I still going?  Who says age is a barrier?  Well not for me its not, its actually been the driving force behind my successes these past 12 months.    So things got real with I quit my PE teaching job to start my own sports education business which gave me the freedom to train like a professional athlete.  IF only there was money and a career in the 2 Sports I love NETBALL and TOUCH Rugby.

Age, money, career, time, injury, all obstacles you make sure don’t stop you!!  So as you read this I will be completing my last Indoor Netball Training sessions with my amazing Ladies Masters (yes we are over 30) Indoor Netball Team,  I will be putting the finishing touches on my last week of training and most importantly making sure my England Netball Dress is packed in my suitcase.

This will be my first time putting on an England Dress, however I am not shy to an England Jersey.  I have had the privilege of representing England at 2 world cups, 3 European Championships and 2 home nations tournaments for the England Touch Rugby Team. Plus when I return from Australia again (yes I was just there in April for the Touch World Cup) it will be straight back into training again for the 2016 Touch European Champs in Jersey in July, and maybe even be able to squeeze in another Indoor Netball International Tournament in Auckland NZ…maybe!

But this pledge is for my current number 1 goal which is to WIN a GOLD Medal with my very dedicated committed and aspiring team at the 2015 Masters World Indoor Netball Championships in Brisbane Australia starting October 4th.

So what is Indoor Netball? –  Indoor Nets is a variation of Netball that is played inside nets within a sports arena.  Not to many differences to the traditional game as its just as fast (maybe faster, but I am bias) , non-stop and very tactical.  Did I tell you how Super Fast it is?  Worth a watch on youtube if you can find us

Why the Pledge…funds have run very short and I am in need of one last financial push to get me on the flight to Australia and cover my extra Sports Therapy sessions while I am out there (yes I will need it! Its a 6 day tournament, 3 games a day!! ouch)

All supportive donations welcome, and every little really does help.

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