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We are the British Female Formation Skydiving team, named NFTO – Not For The Ordinary.

Four ordinary women doing extraordinary things.

NFTO Skydiving team was formed in 2015, and after two years of dedicated training went on to have a successful 2016, achieving our aim of winning Bronze at the 2016 World Championships and the 2016 Wind Tunnel World Cup.

With a fresh lineup for 2017, the team has the potential to be very strong, building on 3 years of progression by the NFTO alumni – four highly talented and driven women, with potential to succeed.

The team members are working exceptionally hard to maximise their performance – sacrificing a huge amount of time and money (£8,000 each per annum, and countless days away from work, families, and loved ones).

After winning the bronze medal at the 2016 World Championships the team is now setting their goal higher.

“The team has talent,  dedication and commitment and, if they can realise their full potential, they can achieve great things”
Gary Smith, NFTO coach and two-time skydiving World Champion

The intense training required to excel in skydiving is expensive. Unlike the UK’s traditional rivals of the USA and France, the British Parachute Association is unable to provide comprehensive funding for teams. For us to compete on a level playing field with our French, Canadian and Russian rivals, we certainly need further financial resources to be able to embark on that level of training.  A total additional £80,000 is needed to enable us to achieve 600 team jumps jumps and 20 hours of Tunnel before the World Championships in October 2018. We are continually pursuing corporate sponsorship, but any support will be hugely appreciated.

See one of our 2017 competition rounds here: nationals round 6

Best wishes on behalf of  Team GB:

Anna, Cath, Vana, Sian, & Simon

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Bronze at the 2016 Parachuting World Championships

Bronze at the 2016 World Cup of Indoor Skydiving

Top British Female team 2017

Top British Female team 2016

+The Project FAQ's

How do you compete in skydiving?

Competitive 4-way formation skydiving is a very technical and physically demanding sport. A competition typically comprises ten jumps, with a sequence of five or six predetermined formations performed on each dive. On each jump the teams have 35 seconds (starting from the moment they leave the aircraft) to complete the sequence of formations as many times as possible. A team consists of four skydivers, who perform the formations, and one aerial videographer, who accompanies the performers on every jump to record it for judging purposes.

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